Are Pitt recruits looking elsewhere?

After a (0-3) start to the 2005 season, message boards have been filling up with questions surrounding the thought process of the highly touted Panthers recruiting class. decided to find out for ourselves, so we asked a few of them what they thought, and if they have had a change of heart.

We spoke with a handful of members of Pittsburgh's Class of 2006, to see if the slow start by Pittsburgh has had an adverse affect on their recruiting. Have any of them had a change of heart?

Ricky Gary

"It doesn't bother me, the class that they're bringing in will turn it around." Gary said.

Eric Rodemoyer

"No, it hasn't changed my mind," Rodemoyer said. "I didn't get to see the Nebraska game, but I think they'll be all right. They'll bounce back. They started off slow last year."

Aaron Smith

"No, it hasn't changed my mind at all," Smith said. "They haven't been getting blown out or anything, it's just the little mistakes that are losing games for them. With a new coaching staff and stuff it just takes time for everything to click."

John Malecki

'They'll be fine, it's a young team and a new system," Malecki said. "I have no plans of changing my mind. I go down there as much as I can."

Dorin Dickerson

"I'm still the same, you know they're just off to a slow start,' Dickerson said. "All the calls still keep coming in from USC, Michigan, Ohio State, Florida, and West Virginia. They all tell me I should come visit and I just tell them I'm not sure I have to think it through."

Nate Byham

"I'm still committed to Pitt 100%," Byham said. "I committed there because I knew I had a chance to rebuild the program, its not like I expected them to be a national championship contender this season. I still get calls from West Virginia, Michigan, Iowa, USC, Miami, and a few other, I usually just ignore it if I don't know the area code, or I tell them respectfully that I have made my decision and I'm not interested in anyone else."

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