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Hello fellow Panther fans, it's time for The Guru Grill. This is where Panther fans come to get the answers to their questions regarding University of Pittsburgh athletics and recruiting from Recruiting Analyst Bob Lichtenfels.

tbro34: What has the USF vs. Louisville game done for the Bulls' recruiting efforts?

GURU: I'm sure it doesn't hurt, but one game really doesn't have that much of an affect on kids. Fans make more of an issue of it then the players do.

buccoboy: Watching Mike McGlynn and Joe Villani get into a verbal altercation on the sideline has me curious. How is the rest of the team holding up?

GURU: A football team is like a family, if you have a brother odds are you've come to blows with him once or twice or have had arguments with him. The team is not performing like it wants to, players get frustrated, and coaches get frustrated, its part of the game.

Wilburnj: During Dave Wannstedts' recent press conference a reporter asked, "Has Darrin Walls commitment to Notre Dame changed your thinking or your previous comments about the strength of the recruiting class?" His answer was that "the class will be better, that's all I can say." Looking at the available recruits out there, do you think that this is just spin?

GURU: Walls is a big loss, but anyone who has seen Elijah Fields play will tell you there's not a big gap in talent there. It hurts because he's a big time prospect in your own back yard and lock down corners are not easy to come by. There are several guys whom Pitt is in play with Wenger, Berry, Fields, Latimore, Mathews, Martin and few other Florida players. He would have a better feel for whom they are getting then any of us would.

tbro34: Do we have any chance of obtaining a verbal commitment from Audie Augustine?

GURU: If they get a visit they have a chance.

KayserSouze: Without naming names, what is your guess or knowledge of steroid use in our program, past and present. Would steroid use ever have been condoned or encouraged by the coaching staff?

GURU: I think one would be naïve to think that it doesn't happen in almost every program in the country. For me to comment, would be total speculation on my part and I would rather not do that on a serious topic like that without facts. I highly doubt the staff would condone it.

Buccoboy: Are there any JUCO offensive linemen that Pitt should be recruiting?

GURU: I haven't had much time to check out the JUCO situation this year, ask me that next week and I'll have an answer for you.

tbro34: If David Harvey joins the Panthers instead of Penn State in January, how much would this even out Pitt and PSU's class from last year?

GURU: It wouldn't matter because he would be considered a part of this next class. If he did calculate into last years rankings it would have helped some but not dramatically.

tbro34: Obviously, with some of the current players rejecting the new schemes, a lot of them will either transfer from Pitt or not be welcomed back, opening up more scholarships for the class of 2006. If the class were to expand in numbers, would adding two or three extra offensive linemen be a good idea?

GURU: Most definitely, offensive line has been one of the most glaring weaknesses so far, they need depth, and it's not even so much depth as it needs an immediate injection of talent that can help soon.

GepDawg: In your opinion, what is the reason for the Panthers lack of success this year?

GURU: To a man I think the team is getting beat physically. The offensive line has struggled, the defensive line has struggled. The team has suffered due to injury. I think Palko has struggled adjusting to Matt Cavanaugh's offense, and I think Cavanaugh has struggled at times with Palko and others. It takes time to realize what type of players you have and adjusting your system to their strengths.

Pitt1999: Out of any of the verbals you have spoken to since, say, the Ohio game, which one(s) have sounded the closest to the fence about staying "verballed" to Pitt?

GURU: Not really any of them. Joe Thomas has a lot to think about, but I'm sure he also thinks about playing time and he knows he would have a shot at starting from day one at Pitt.

Scorchlord: With the poor start this year are any players considering transferring, ie Revis, etc.?

GURU: Why on earth would Revis transfer, this kid is going to be a potential first round draft pick. Players aren't as quick to jump off the wagon as fans are. You have to realize to transfer you have to first be released from your scholarship, if you do transfer to another D-1 program you have to sit out a whole season. I'm sure there could be some transfers or 5th year guys who don't come back, but I highly doubt it would be any starter or player who is in-line to play a lot.

tbro34: Is it (Big East commissioner) Mike Trangheses' fault that we have missed out on the Liberty bowl and now possibly the Houston bowl?

GURU: I don't really follow that stuff very much at all, but regardless of the perception of the Big East I can't see it being less attractive then Conference USA. I don't know if that's Tranghese's fault, or if he has some kind of a committee who helps him with that, but losing bowls is never a good thing.

"In Your Grill" Question of the Week:

ImposingTheirWillWithBourbon: I have seen it mentioned that coaches get only 20 hours per week with the football players. Can the players voluntarily put in more hours? If so, can the coaches be present?

GURU: Yes, during the off season these kids live there, they are always training. Palko watches a lot of film throughout the week. I'm sure its 20 hours of supervised activities.

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