Post Louisville Rant

The Panthers dropped to (4-5) on the season and have backed themselves into a corner and forces them to win their remaining two games to even become bowl eligible. No. 24 Louisville basically did what they wanted and defeated the panthers 42-20 at Papa John Stadium on Thursday night.

The Rant: Pittsburgh is down by 15 with nine minutes remaining and has fourth down in Louisville territory, they go for it right? I'm still shaking my head as Pitt elects to punt the ball, better yet Adam Graessle nails one that results in a touchback and a net gain of about 18-yards…Brilliant

Louisville then proceeds to run the ball down the collective throats of the Panthers defense and scores with less then a minute remaining. Thus, bringing me to my next rant, Bobby Petrino classless? Yes I would say most coaches in a league game would kneel on the ball to run out the clock. What does he care he probably will not stay at Louisville anyway, but bet your last dollar that left a foul taste in the mouth of Dave Wannstedt as was evident by his less then thrilling post game handshake with Petrino.

But, prior to the handshake Petrino had to have Elvis Dumervil in the game up by 22 with 40 seconds remaining to get his sack and his NCAA record ninth forced fumble. Now, how would the Louisville faithful feel if Dumervil was cut and blew his knee out in the meaningless stages of a blowout?

Pitt was outclassed in talent; Bobby Petrino was outclassed as a football coach. Pitt will be back and the Cardinals day will come.

What Went Wrong? Louisville did whatever they wanted. Pitt could not stop Michael Bush. Brian Brohm consistently hit short to intermediate passes all day long. Louisville had 28 first downs and ran 81 offensive plays to Pitt's 58. They were seven of 15 on third downs conversions; they did not punt once and held a 456 to 262 total yard advantage.

Pitt only allowed two sacks including one in the final seconds. Mike McGlynn seemed like he had as many false starts as Pitt had first downs. Greg Lee tried to keep pass by nearly dropping as many passes as McGlynn's penalties.

We have seen the talk about Greg Lee possibly going pro, I think he needs to man up first and show that he is a team player first. I may be harsh but how many times do we have to watch him drop passes and grab his ankles or knees like he is hurt. How many times can we see a blitz coming and Palko audible to a hot call and Lee never break off his route? There's no doubting that lee will come up with the spectacular catches, but what about the rest of the game?

How painful is it to watch Darrell Strong continuously be wasted, the kid is good and he is a weapon use him. Derek Kinder has showed immense improvement and guts yet they don't use him.

Gus Mustakas is developing into a player for the panthers he continues to get better and better. Have to give Josh Cummings props he was again his stellar and consistent self. C.J. Davis had his break-out game. He missed a few blitz assignments, but really played well on running plays, especially when he was pulling. On to next week and UConn.

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