Collier Likes It At Pitt

After all the chaos on the message boards last week about Kevin Collier possibly hedging on his commitment to Pittsburgh, it seems like it was all for not after collier visited Pittsburgh this weekend.

Pittsburgh hosted a number of recruits this weekend for official visits. Perhaps the most important was Churchville Chili High running back Kevin Collier, who was on the fence between the Panthers and the Syracuse Orange. Is he still on the fence?

"I had a great visit, I like where I'm at with Pitt," Collier said. "I'm a solid commitment Pitt now, I'm going to call the other coaches and tell them. They (Syracuse) and (Connecticut) called me while I was at Pittsburgh. I was hosted by Derek Kinder; he's the man we played against each other before. Coach Walker he's from right here in my backyard. All the recruits really jelled over the weekend."

In the era of video gaming systems and electronic gadgets, the Pittsburgh staff came up with a creative way to impress recruits.

"We played Xbox and they had all of our names programmed into the game playing for Pitt, it was tight."

Collier is not shy about discussing how special he thinks this Pitt class is.

"This class and next years class we'll have this turned around, it's going to be special. I had a great time with Dorin (Dickerson, Thaddeus (Lewis), Lowell (Robinson), and even Nate Byham stopped by. We all bonded and exchanged numbers and stuff there's a lot of chemistry there. They showed us a highlight tape of all the recruits, man there's some real good players coming in here." The video games were not the only thing that stood out to Collier.

"They took us to that place its like Chuckie Cheese for adults (Dave and Busters). We had dinner on Saturday at Heinz field, I got to tour all the academic facilities and meet with some of the professors. The bonding and the people were the best part, it's like you meet such great people and you can't wait to see them again. We expect to dominate the Big East for a long time." Pittsburgh has a crowded back field and that is something he discussed in a one on one situation with panthers freshman back LaRod Stephens-Howling.

"We had a talk and we both just want to contribute and get it done and we'll all play. They may even shift Jennings to fullback. The offense is very similar to what we run here just different terminology. We'll compete, but we all just want to win."

One thing that caught the No. 18 running back in the nation off guard was a speech by Tyler Palko.

"He said "hey glad you're here, but lets cut out the BS, it's my last year and I want to win". "He's all business, he doesn't party he doesn't do anything except watch game film and try to make himself a better player, I liked that."

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