PITT-PSU: Ed DeChellis Quotes

Penn State coach comments on his team's defeat of Pittsburgh

Quoting Penn State Head Coach Ed DeChellis

Opening Remarks:

"We were beat by a better team. They were faster, stronger and quicker. They did what they wanted to against us right from the start. We simply didn't have answers for the way they played."

On where Penn State is as a team right now

"It's hard to like where we are after today. We played a lot better against Texas A&M in our last game, but I thought we regressed a little today. We have some young kids and some injuries, but that's going to happen throughout the season. You have to work past it, and I think we'll get better as we go along."

On Pitt without Taft and Troutman:

"They may be a little different offensively, but defensively I don't think there's much of a change. Aaron Gray is a tall kid, who always manages to get position and make you shoot over him. Levon Kendall is very smart, he doesn't force anything and rebounds very well.

On Carl Krauser:

"He's very adept at playing under control, at getting his teammates involved and letting the game come to him. There's very little you can do to excite him."

On PSU's confidence:

"We all need wins to build confidence. Certainly because we have younger kids, but really, that's with every team. Today didn't give us much to build on in that regard. There wasn't much positive and I think that's maybe what's most disappointing.

On Ben Luber missing the game:

"It would have given us some more depth off the bench. We had to shift some players around to compensate for his absence. Although in terms of the final outcome, given the way the rest of the guys played I don't think it would have made that much of a difference.

On Cilk McSweetney's play:

"Maybe that's the one positive. He's walk-on who we're trying to give some more minutes to. He played under control today, and shot the ball very well. I think he can be a big help to our team depth."

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