The Guru Grill

Hello fellow Panther fans, it's time for The Guru Grill. This is where Panther fans come to get the answers to their questions regarding University of Pittsburgh athletics and recruiting from Recruiting Analyst Bob Lichtenfels.


Sobeball: Do you see any position changes for current Pitt players?



Guru: I would expect Conredge Collins to move to fullback. The staff wants Bokor to stay on the defensive line, but they may end up deciding he should and could help on the offensive line. Kelvin Chandler was moved to defensive back at the end of the season, it will be interesting to see if he stays there. Another interesting one will be Irvan Brown, if the depth is thin at tailback he could be shifted back after being moved to the secondary.



Bcjst4: What do you think our chances with Audie are? Do you think he is a NC State lean like I do?


Guru: I think their chances are good, if you read the article's from NC State site specific publishers obviously they sound like it's a done deal that he goes to NC State, I personally don't put a lot of stock in those type's of reports.




Tartan586: Do you see any coaching changes and if so who would be the likely candidate to join the staff?


Guru: I don't think you will see any staff changes until after signing day if there are any at all. As you can see with Virginia, once a staff loses a few members if the departing coaches recruited any of the current commits you run the risk of them leaving or looking elsewhere.



GepDawg: Bob, would you give us YOUR (not the coaching staff's) opinion of who the Panthers should zero in on with their last few scholarships for this class after the verbals of Otah and Martin?


Guru: Defensive end is a big concern from what I see, I do believe Doug Fulmer could be a future star, but they need a dominant pass rush specialist. I think they have done an excellent job of filling needs, now I think you go for the best available prospects that are left on your board. Andy miller and Aundre Wright are two players who in two years could be the steals of the class if Pitt can get them. Obviously I am very high on Elijah Fields, if he can make it academically he is a must get in my opinion for Pitt.



GepDawg: Any surprises left regarding the remaining 4 scholarships still available? Is Thad Lewis still a high priority with 2 QBs in the class and only so many scholarships left?


Guru: Coach Wannstedt likes Lewis so to them he is a high priority. Andy Miller is another prospect they like and they want him pretty badly right now, plus perception wise if they land him it's another recruiting win over Ohio State which is big for their program. In my opinion you have got to have a ship for fields if he wants it.



GepDawg: Bob, if Rashad Jennings does transfer for his widely reported family concerns, will Wannstedt release him from his scholarship? I know coaches don't generally like releasing transfers so easily, but this seems to be an exception.

Also, although I don't doubt the legitimacy of the fact he wants to move home to help his dad, how much of this could be also attributed to the rumors that the coaching staff wanted to move him to full back?


Guru: Each situation is different, but from a business standpoint you have to protect your investment, while still trying to do what is right from a perception standpoint. I don't doubt Jennings motives, but I think there's a lot more involved then just family matters. City life is not for everyone, so maybe Jennings just wasn't happy in Pittsburgh. As for the rumors about him moving to fullback, we've all heard them, but until you see a quote from Wannstedt I would take it with a grain of salt.



NJBob: Is there any possibility that Malecki could wind up at DE? He seems to have enough speed to play there, and we could certainly use some size and pass rush ability at DE!


Guru: Speed at Class AAA does not necessarily translate into speed at the major college level. I think he's best served by playing the interior line on defense.



GepDawg: Bob, we hear a lot from Nitters about how UPS' recruiting class will be better that Pitt's on LOI day. Any truth to that assertion? And would you mind breaking down UPS' class so far and if it legitimately has a chance to be as good as Pitt's?


Guru: Penn State could very well end up with a better class then Pittsburgh if they close on the kids they are in on right now. The one thing that may hurt them on is the way the formula works you don't get as many points for recruiting too many at certain positions. The formula in my opinion is a little too strict but it is what it is. If they land A.J. Wallace, Andrew Quarless, Maurice Evans, Antonio Logan-El, Lou Eliades, J.B. Walton, and others they could make a very serious run at Pitt and the rest of the teams in front of them.



GepDawg: Bob, great article on Lowell Robinson. I know that Pitt's staff always says each starting position is open for the best man to win. But do the JC transfers (Robinson and Otah) have the inside track to starting due to maturity and playing experience? Does Wanny TRULY recruit them w/o ever even emphasizing they have a chance to start over incoming freshman. I know the public stance, just interested in your opinion...



Guru: I have never heard a recruit say they have been promised anything from Wannstedt and his staff. They are told there's an opportunity but is it is up to them to seize that opportunity. JUCO's should have an inside track, they are more experienced and have been playing at a higher level for two seasons as opposed to playing in high school.



Have a very Merry Christmas from all of us here at the PantherReport and thank you for your continued patronage as we move into 2006.

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