Chat Transcript: Dorin Dickerson

The nation's No. 4 wide receiver stopped by the PantherDigest for a chat with the Pittsburgh fans, here is a re-cap of today's chat with Dorin Dickerson

BobLichtenfels:: Chat with Dorin will begin in a few minutes

Ganymede:: Hi Dorin, I was wondering if you have heard of any other recruits that we have not heard about that might be signing with Pitt?

Dorin Dickerson:: What's up, No I haven't

Rja66:: Hey Dorin, How's the knee? You've had us all a little freaked out about it!

DorinDickerson:: lol..I'll be fine, just a slight muscle pull. I'm taking medicine for it I'll be fine.

DorinDickerson:: How's the weather back in the "Burgh"?

Rja66:: terrible today. Cold and rainy/overcast.

Rja66:: Home sweet home, right? lol.

DorinDickerson:: Geez that stinks, not until Sunday

Rja66:: So Dorin, what's the experience been like playing with the best HS players in America?

Dorin Dickerson:: It's been pretty good I'm sitting here with Vidal Hazelton and my boy Bob right now so its pretty sweet

Steelcurtain55:: Dorin, a few months ago Bob compared you to Larry Fitzgerald. I never thought of that one, but you both are so similar into the way you control your bodies to get the ball.

Dorin Dickerson:: Yeah we do control our body's the same but I have so much work to do before anyone can compare me to him he is a great receiver.

Steelcurtain55:: true, but you could also say that Larry wasn't at the same level you are at this point time w/ the ball in you're hands (YAC.

Dorin Dickerson:: yeah true but Larry is also doing all that stuff at another level then me Im just in high school right now we'll have to see when I get there.

Rja66:: Dorin, I know we all have high expectations for you, but what kind of goals do you have for your Freshman season?

Dorin Dickerson:: Win

Dorin Dickerson:: Just win a national championship.

PittLaw04:: Bob--How is DD's injury?

Dorin Dickerson:: This is Dorin right here, its getting better

Hailtopitt78:: Any chance of you reeling in other recruits?

Rja66:: cool. Do you hope to crack the starting lineup right away?

Dorin Dickerson:: the chance of recruits are very slim. Mostly everyone is committed.

PittLaw04:: Hey Harry---great thing you guys are doing here.

HarryPsaros:: Thank you. It's been fun.

Dorin Dickerson:: What's up Harry this is Dorin.

HarryPsaros:: Dorin, my man, how are you?

Dorin Dickerson:: good, good how are you?

Harry Psaros:: I hear guys from Imperial are studs.

Dorin Dickerson:: Ha,Ha.

Steelcurtain55:: Hard work and attitude are two things you seem to have, that to go along w/ some god given gifts = success.,br>,br> Rja66:: Harry, this is an awesome feature. It's not every day we get to chat up the TOP WR IN THE COUNTRY!

Harry Psaros:: I agree, we need to get more chats going.

Harry Psaros:: How is Texas?

PittLaw04:: Hey Dorin---how is CJ Davis doing? Is he moving to center in the spring?,br>
Dorin Dickerson:: Thank You!

Harry Psaros:: PittLaw - C.J., like Dorin, is a class act. Great guy, awesome player.

Dorin Dickerson:: umm he's doing good I'm not sure what position he is playing next year.

Harry Psaros:: I hope CJ is moved to center.

Hailtopitt78:: DD- do you think Coach Cavanaugh will use you in the Ted Ginn model?

Steelcurtain55:: Dorin, what does Coach W. want you to come in at, weight wise?

Dorin Dickerson:: Umm, I'm not to sure yet.

Dorin Dickerson:: He said it doesn't matter, but I'm trying to come in at 220.

steelcurtain55:: nice

Harry Psaros:: Dorin - do you prefer wide receiver or running back?

Dorin Dickerson:: running back

Harry Psaros:: Are they feeding you well in Texas?,br>
Steelcurtain55:: Eddie George / Braylon Edwards combo.

Dorin Dickerson:: Yup, slash Reggie Bush with the versatility.

Steelcurtain55:: And emergency QB like Antonio Bass or Derrick Williams.

CheckRaise:: What are Pitt's chances of landing your cousin next year?,br>
Dorin Dickerson:: Hopefully pretty good.

Rja66:: Tyler Palko graduated from West Allegheny when you were still in eight grade. Are you excited to finally get the chance to catch some passes from him?,br>
Steelcurtain55:: And emergency QB like Antonio Bass or Derrick Williams.

Dorin Dickerson:: haha, yeah.

Dorin Dickerson:: Yeah it will be fun, I used to look up to him so its going to be weird at first.

Dorin Dickerson:: haha, yeah.

Steelcurtain55:: Were you surprised of Greg Lee's decision?

Dorin Dickerson:: umm not really I kind of knew a while ago.

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