Rodemoyer ends the Speculation

While this weeks hot topics on the message boards were great for traffic and not so great for the nerves of the Pittsburgh coaching staff, the players involved are surprised it cause such a fuss. We caught up with Eric Rodemoyer last night, one of a trio of future Panthers (Scott Corson and Kevin Collier) rumored to be looking elsewhere. He shares his story.

Eric Rodemoyer thought he innocently took a visit to West Virginia last weekend; he didn't realize it would cause such chaos. The Kennedy Catholic offensive lineman explains the details to


"I did visit last weekend, it wasn't even that I had any second thoughts," Rodemoyer said. "I just wanted to settle everything and make sure. I thought the Pitt coaches knew but they didn't. I'm going to tell the West Virginia coaches to quit calling me."


It turns out the Pitt staff did not know that Rodemoyer was visiting the Mountaineers.


"Coach (Dave) Wannstedt and (Matt) Cavanaugh came up here on Monday and asked how my weekend was and I just said fine. Then they asked what I did, so I told them I went to West Virginia. I totally thought they knew. Then they called me and said they heard I was going to West Virginia and they wanted to make sure I wasn't. I never thought it would cause this much controversy, I didn't see it as a big deal just a visit."


Rodemoyer and a few Pitt recruits are making plans to attend the Pitt-Syracuse basketball game together.


"I'm committed to Pittsburgh, that's not going to change. We are all getting together to go down and watch Pitt-Syracuse. I think the game is on Monday, so there will be a bunch of us there."


It turns out that several members of this incoming Pitt class were raking their fellow classmate of the coals as well.


"(Scott) Corson, (John) Malecki, and Joe (Thomas) were grilling me. They were on me hard. Especially, Malecki he had some choice words for Morgantown," Laughed Rodemoyer.

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