Kevin Hughes Update

The University of Pittsburgh had several players join their football program in January. One of those players was offensive lineman Kevin "Big Red" Hughes (6-ft-4 ½ inches, 295 pounds) from Northern Highlands Regional High School in Allendale, NJ. The PantherDigest provides an update on this promising player.

"Kevin Hughes is officially a part of the football team and excited to compete," stated Kevin's father Larry Hughes. "He was at Pitt throughout the year but unable to practice, dress, etc. and he can't wait to get started."

"Kevin is in the best shape of his life. He's around 6 foot 4 ½ inches and weighing in at 295 pounds. He came home for the holidays and I couldn't get over how thick his neck, chest, shoulders and thighs were."

Hughes was a standout at tackle and guard in high school. When asked what position he would play at Pitt, Mr. Hughes responded, "I believe the coaches like him at guard. He's big but very agile. I think he's perfect at that position due to his mobility. He was a three sport athlete in high school."

Mr. Hughes indicated that the short bit of time away from the team may have greatly benefited his son. "Kevin spent the time working out and staying in top shape. He was able to drop some weight and put more muscle onto his frame. He also spent time talking and learning from the older offensive linemen. I think the time helped him quite a bit."

Kevin spent time at the Parisi Speed and Strength School in Fairlawn, NJ prior to arriving in Pittsburgh. He was considered one of the top linemen in New Jersey in 2005.

"Kevin is excited and proud to be part of the University of Pittsburgh. He's excited about the future of the football program."

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