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Hello fellow Panther fans, it's time for The Guru Grill. This is where Panther fans come to get the answers to their questions regarding University of Pittsburgh athletics and recruiting from Recruiting Analyst Bob Lichtenfels.


GepDawg: What are your current thoughts/predictions on Tamarcus Porter, and possibly Ricky Gary, considering Wake Forest even though they committed to Pitt?


GURU: I haven't seen or heard anything about Ricky Gary going anywhere. Tamarcus may visit Wake this weekend. Pitt will be fine at DB with or without those guys with Berry, Robinson, Chappel, and possibly Fields. Not too mention, Bryan Williams next season.


tbro34: What are the chances of Eric Latimore decommitting and selecting Pitt now that PSU has two other big time DE commitments?


GURU: You have to compete regardless of where you go. Pitt has three DE commits and could land two more. So I don't see it happening.


GepDawg: Who will take the final 4-5 Pitt scholarship offers available?


GURU: Well I'll assume this question was posed prior to the Aaron Berry and Greg Romeus commitments. My guess is the top three on the board are Elijah Fields, Mackenzie Mathews, and Audie Augustine. Now if they fail to get those guys it could trigger say an offer to a Lance Jeter or Aundre Wright, or perhaps a late add.


gopitt315: Projecting the next recruiting class, what do you see as the areas of greatest need? If we get early commits, what is the earliest we could see a class coming together?


GURU: I think Pitt could get one or two after their first junior day possibly. Offensive line and wide receiver will be a need positions for sure. The key is to get as many great athletes as you can. More often than not a great athlete will be versatile and can play multiple positions. Remember the great Miami teams, athletes everywhere, I think that's a great philosophy.


pittengineer75: What do you think the two deep will look like next year?


GURU: We will preview that here in the near future as we get closer to spring practice. Lets wait and see how the class turns out first.


Ganymede: I recently read that Henry Hynoski (Southern Columbia) is 6-2 235 pounds. In Hershey he was listed at 5-10 240 pounds. Did he grow 4 inches in 2 months?


GURU: Obviously if you have seen Hynoski you know the 6-2 is closer to being more precise then the 5-11.


tbro34: Now that Devlin has committed to PSU, what are our chances with Pat Bostick? Are we now the likely favorite?


GURU: In my opinion I think Pitt is the favorite. Bostick will take his time and check out schools during the spring. I look for an early decision as he plans to graduate early.


GepDawg: Who do you think should get, but probably won't get, any of the remaining scholarships? 


GURU: Tough question, we just have to see how everything falls into place. I may think someone isn't getting offered and they do in the end.


PittFan007: Since Audie Augustine loved his visited to Pitt and seems to be getting recruited hard by his friend Jared Martin, do you see Pitt as the clear cut favored now? And if you could can you give me a percent on how much he is leaning to us or NC State.


GURU: Pitt was doing an in home with him Thurday night, so I'm sure that turned up the heat on him a bit. We'll have too find out on Sunday how everything went with the in-home and his official.


ohiopa: When does the last quiet period begin prior to LOI day? During this period are phone calls also prohibited?


GURU: Quiet period begins on Sunday the 29th. The dead period begins the 30th and runs through the 2nd of February. No phone calls, I believe unless it's with mid-year transfers.


GepDawg: How can Mathews have Pitt and Michigan at 50/50 when he doesn't have an offer (as listed in the database) from Michigan? Same question applies to Elijah Fields and UPS as well. Is this just an attempt to create suspense if Pitt it ultimately it for this two prized recruits?


GURU: Fields states he has a Penn State offer. No way does Mathews even visit Michigan without an offer. My guess it is merely the fact that no one updated the database to show that the offers were made.


CaptainH: Who are the prime candidates for preferred walk-on status?


GURU: that basically works like the NFL draft. You have to wait and see what offers kids accept. You may like per say a WPIAL kid, but maybe he chooses 1-AA or D-II instead of forking out his own money. We should know more in another week or so.


GepGawg: Would you comment on how some of the other classes in the Big East are shaping up? Maybe even a word or two on each team's best recruit according to your observation?


GURU: Syracuse may not have the greatest of classes but I like Delone Carter. He gets overshadowed in Ohio by Chris Wells, but he is very good. Connecticut was up against it scholarship wise. Watch out for talented wide receiver Terence Jeffers from Georgia. Rutgers is doing well, I like some of the things that they have done with Shamar Graves and a super sleeper named Chris Paul-Etienne. Louisville has an interesting class with several linemen who could be boom or bust I like Kareem Crowell and Zach Meagher. USF has done well, the key to that class is holding on to Leslie Stirrups. Anthony Leonard and Wondy Pierre-Louis give the Mountaineers two future big time impact players. If West Virginia can land Brandon Heath it will be a very good class with minimal scholarships. Cincinnati has filled some holes with JUCO's and a talented Ohio product by the name of Freddie Lenix, who originally committed to Ohio State last year. Jacob Ramsey could be big time for the Bearcats.


ohiopa: What is the technical difference between a verbal scholarship offer and a written one?


GURU: Verbal is the promise of an eventual written scholarship, A written scholarship is the official offer which is given to the recruit on paper.


Reno9: Is their a limit on how many offers you can extend per year?


GURU: No there is not some staffs hand out over 300 a year.


"In Your Grill" Question of the Week:

PittFan007: Its clear Blades will be the MLB next and Session looks to have the Strong OLB position to lose. Out of our LB commits is their any that you feel will come and play a lot or even start at the weak side OLB or will Gunn, Dell or anyone from last years club be the starter there?


GURU: I think Mate Nix if he does the work and adds the size could be the one who could start as a freshman.



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