Highlight Reel: Chris Jacobson

There are several outstanding offensive lineman in the Class of 2007, Pennsylvania will have its share of them as well. One of the best is Chris Jacobson.

For weeks Pittsburgh fans have bellowed his name on the message boards. Now Scout.com brings you video of Chris Jacobson. Jacobson is a standout offesnive lineman from Keystone Oaks High in Pittsburgh, Pa.

On offense you will see Jacobson playing right guard, wearing a white or black jersey bearing the #54. On defense Jacobson is often found playing defensive tackle. Watch how fast jacobson gets off the ball and how he finishes every block, often driving oppents backs into the turf.

#54 OL/DL Chris Jacobson Video 1
#54 OL/DL Chris Jacobson Video 2
#54 OL/DL Chris Jacobson Video 3

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