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Hello fellow Panther fans, it's time for The Guru Grill. This is where Panther fans come to get the answers to their questions regarding University of Pittsburgh athletics and recruiting from Recruiting Analyst Bob Lichtenfels.


PittFan007: At one time Noel Devine had us on his list of schools he was interested in is he still interested in Pitt.


GURU: It's February of his junior year, his top five schools will probably change once a week until he sets five official visits later in the year. If you get bent out of shape every time a kid doesn't list your school all of a sudden you're destined for stroke..


CaptainH: Should Gene Delle Donne choose to attend Pitt, besides Palko, who will be his chief competition?


GURU: Billy Stull will have two seasons under his belt in the Pittsburgh offense. Kevan Smith I also feel will be a very good quarterback prospect.


DenFromMoon: From the description of Greg Romeus, he sounds like he would be a perfect Tight End (assuming he can catch the ball!). If we get the other Defensive End prospects, do you see him trying out on the offensive side?


GURU: No, Pitt is loaded at tight end they have no use for another right now. The need is for defensive ends. Ideally, Romeus red shirts and fills out a little more.


subwaypanther2: Everybody always talks about technique of the defensive lineman and offensive lineman. Could you give a technique summary for those who don't know what the heck you and the rest are talking about? Example Bokor doesn't use technique well? Malecki and Gus Mustakas use technique well? What are you talking about? Leverage? Spin moves? Learning to use your hands on the offensive lineman to keep his hands off of you?


GURU: When you say a defensive lineman has good technique, usually you are referring to basic overall technique. He stays low with his butt down, delivers a blow, get low underneath the opponents pads and gets a solid upfield push. After engagement you have to shed the block, which in run blocking situations is often a simple matter of controlling the opponents outside shoulder and using your lower body to power through the block. Hands are important, because almost every offensive lineman holds, once they get their paws on you its hard to get away. When you say lacks proper pass rush skills it's a matter of a lack of technique. This is often the case in high school where players tend to try and use a basic bull rush to overpower an opponent. A big, strong kid can do that, but not in college. This is where the swim, rip, and club come in. A solid defensive lineman will always have one technique that they master and others as fallback options.


CaptainH: Who would you prefer if you had to take one - Bostick or Delle Donne?


GURU: That's like asking who you like better your wife or your mistress; either answer will get you in trouble. I like both QB's; Bostick would be there for four years and be the future.


GepDawg: Why didn't the Pitt staff recruit Jeremiha Hunter?


GURU: They did, he went to a game and did not like the atmosphere. Odrick was the same, not everyone likes every team.


knobbers24: Where do you think Elijah Fields will play starting his career at Pitt, WR or S??
And, where do you think he would be most effective?


GURU: Due to the lack of depth he'll likely play wide receiver. I think he'll be effective anywhere he plays.


CaptainH: How will the commitments of Tkach and Berry play in eastern and central PA for 2007 and beyond? Are these the first steps in reestablishing Pitt as a factor in these areas or exceptions to the rule?


GURU: It's a start, just like recruiting Florida. You have to establish a foundation before you can build a house. Central and eastern Pennsylvania is a Penn State stronghold, but I would expect Pitt to take a few players a year from those regions.


PittFan007: It's early in the 2007 recruiting class, but so far I have not seen Pitt have any Florida kids targeted. What Florida kids is Pitt looking at and likely to offer.


GURU: Signing day just happened less then two weeks ago. The staff will get together collectively and they generally watch film of each coach's top prospects and decided who they will offer early. They will then disperse those offers. Most of the local ones will happen at junior day so Dave Wannstedt can offer them in person. I can assure you that Pitt will more then offer its share of Florida players.


CaptainH: Who, if anyone other than Porter, were you most concerned about honoring his verbal? What were your concerns?


GURU: I don't get concerned with it, I'm not a typical fan, I cover 15 teams and  I just watch it all unfold and cover the news as it happens. Rodemoyer and Corson I would have to say I kind of felt one of them would leave. Collier was another who you just never knew how true the rumors were.


pantherbob73: Do you think last seasons slow start will cause potential 2007 recruits to take a wait and see approach before committing to Pitt?


GURU: It's tough to predict, because generally local kids are going to be more loyal then the norm. With the way the Pitt staff has made Western PA its top priority it has probably earned them a longer grace period.


pantherbob73: What kind of shot do we have at landing the two kids out of DC (Austin & Benn)?


GURU: Honestly? About as much of a shot as I do going out with Vida Guerra tonight. Anything is possible, but those two are elite kids who will have offers from everyone.


GepDawg: We all want to know who the first verbal commit will be for the 2007 Panthers recruiting class. Who's it going to be?


GURU: Most likely a local player, Chris Jacobson would be a likely candidate.


CaptainH: What are the odds of Gene Delle Donne committing to Pitt?


GURU: Depends what happens on his visits.


pittee3: What is Pitt's interest in CJ Peake from Trotwood-Madison HS in Ohio? Would we have a leg up on his recruitment since we just signed his former teammate Jovanni Chappel (are they close)?


GURU: Let Bobstradamus look into his crystal ball; I have no idea recruiting for the class of 2007 essentially just started. Peake I believe is a transfer from another school so I would think he and Vani are that close.


PittFan007: In our 2006 class who do you think will be the biggest sleeper's out of all are recruits to turn into one of top players in are class?


GURU: Jared Martin


CaptainH: If Gene Delle Donne comes to Pitt will his presence on the roster deter Pat Bostick from signing with the Panthers?


GURU: I highly doubt it, Bostick will compete with anyone.


Kreitzer: Is Tyler Tipton still around or did he leave the team?


GURU: I haven't heard anything about him yet, besides the original rumors that were going around.


PittFan007: Since the post recruiting magazine is going to come out soon. Is there anyway you can get a copy if you only have the six month membership with scout or do you have to have the one year membership?


GURU:'re killing me. Welcome to the guru grill's customer service line. I honestly do not know. I believe you have to have the annual subscription to get it. Try the 800 number and ask them, if that's the case I would recommend that you immediately sign up for the one year plan.


dadschicken: It has to be asked, Who are the top 10 targets for the football class of 2007?


GURU:Pitt even knows who their top ten targets are right now. I would say a few of them would be Pat Bostick, Toney Clemons, Nick Sukay, Stefen Wisniewski, Chris Jacobson, Gino Gradkowski, Andrew Devlin, Henry Hynoski, and that's as deep as I'll go. Lord knows I don't want to be anyone else's birdie.


CaptainH: When does DW and Company plan on going head to head with PSU with respect to recruiting NJ, MD and VA? Let's face it PSU seems to be more important in MD than UMD itself. Any prime candidates for 2007 on your radar?


GURU: Why should they battle in area's they have no inroads? It makes no sense to waste their resources if they can land the majority of the top players in Western PA and sprinkle in a few Florida kids. Pitt always lands an Ohio kid or two and they have been recruiting the Syracuse and Buffalo areas well. There's no need to join the congestion in those other areas. Maryland had a freak year, it may not be like that again for ten years if ever.

"In Your Grill" Question of the Week:

Kreitzer: How is Mike Phillips doing?


GURU: Good question, I'll see what I can find out this week about him. Remember the old saying, no news is good news.



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