The Guru Grill

Hello fellow Panther fans, it's time for The Guru Grill. This is where Panther fans come to get the answers to their questions regarding University of Pittsburgh athletics and recruiting from Recruiting Analyst Bob Lichtenfels.


CaptainH: Does it seem that other schools are moving faster with the WPIAL kids and offers to avoid a repeat of last year when Dave Wannstedt and Company produced a near clean sweep?


GURU: Not really, it is no faster then it was last year. Schools all have varying ways that they implement their strategy. From what I see, I really don't see much of a difference.


FuelandFuddle: How comparable is 2007's talent pool in Western PA to this year's?


GURU: I think there may be more depth this year in certain areas. I'm not sure there's as much high end talent as there was last year.


steelers36: Did Mike Phillips break his leg?


GURU: It sure looked that way to me.


duboispanther: Could you rate the local offensive linemen and wide receivers in order of talent. Of these prospects, who does Pitt have a real shot with?


GURU: I will be profiling these players soon. I'm not going to put out a list until I see the players. It's easy to sit behind a computer, or talk on the phone and fortune tell, but I like to make sure I can validate my evaluations, because I can say I have seen them.


HbgAreaPanther2: Does the staff have any sense for when the recruiting publication may be landing at our door steps?


GURU: that would be a question for Harry. I can tell you we just proof read the national guide so I don't think it will be real soon.


TheProwl: I notice we have a potential recruit from DC, Arrelious Benn. Who is assigned to the region now? Do you know any other potential recruits on the radar from that region?


GURU: From what I have been told Aubrey Hill is now recruiting the region. Marvin Austin is another player who will likely be offered by Pitt in D.C.


tbro34: Do you see the March 4th combine being at Pitt having a big impact on this years class?


GURU: I haven't seen a combine have an impact on anyone's recruiting class. Sure it is nice for the host school to have 200 recruits walk through your facilities, but I wouldn't call it a huge impact.


gopitt315:  At the end of each recruiting year, we used to get a synopsis of each recruit. Awards, etc. Is this no longer done.


GURU: Not sure where you got that at, I have been around for three years and I have never seen that. Unless your talking about something totally different.


buccoboy: We keep hearing about Pat Bostick as a potential Pitt recruit, if he chooses a different direction, who else is Pitt targeting?


GURU: Mike Paulus would be the next option.


Reno9: Other than a need for offensive linemen and quarterbacks, will the 2007 class have any other emphasis for recruiting a certain position?


GURU: I would think they try and fill the rest with solid athlete's who they feel can help them and add depth at certain spots. They would likely love to add a talented fullback and possibly a blocking tight end.


PittFan007: Zacchaeus Brown just got an offer from WVU this week, but he went on to say Pitt is his number one school. I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of prospect he is (star rating) and has Pitt offered?


GURU: I have not seen film of him yet. I saw him in Texas at the Army combine, but that only shows you so much. If I were offering anyone in Florida its Armando Allen and Noel Devine first off.


tbro34: How many scholarships will we have to offer this year?


GURU: That's so hard to speculate on, and I'm not even sure the staff could answer it. There are so many variables and no one ever guesses correctly. Ask me after spring practice and I may know.


PittFaninMO: Any more word on if C.J. Davis will be moved to center?


GURU: That probably won't be determined until spring practice.


CaptainH: Other than Mississippi with the addition of Art Kehoe, are there any other players of any significance coming after what has been described as another bumper crop of recruits?


GURU: I think you'll see the usual suspects. One team I have heard a little about early that I have not heard in the past is Clemson.


GepDawg: Any surprise attendees and/or offers at junior day?


GURU: Jared Williams, Maurice Williams, and Brandon Lindsey I guess you could say were, but weren't surprises. They're all very good players.


"In Your Grill" Question of the Week:

HarryPsaros: We have heard for many months about the special "Bob's Page". When will you launch it? How many outfits will you wear?


GURU: LOL..Big men don't wear leather well




Our staff would like to thank you for your participation as we strive to make our site the number one source of information for Pittsburgh Panther athletics and high school recruiting.


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