Ohio players visit Pitt

The University of Pittsburgh football program has hosted a number of blue-chip players during their spring practices. A trio of blue-chip players from Ohio recently visited Pitt and came away with a favorable impression of the program. Read on.

"I brought down three of my players to Pittsburgh to see the Panthers' spring practice," stated Hubbard High School (Hubbard, OH) Head Football Coach Jeff Bayuk. "I brought down offensive tackle Marcus O'Hara (6-foot-6 inches, 300 pounds), linebacker Joe Youngkins (6-foot-2 inches, 225 pounds) and athlete Steve Slade (6-foot-1 inches, 190 pounds)."

"Coach (Bob) Junko came to our high school several years ago when he was recruiting one of our players. Marcus walked by him in the hallway and he wanted to know if he already graduated. He was only in the 8th grade at the time but massive," said Bayuk. "Coach Junko made me promise to bring Marcus down to Pitt when he was a senior. The two of them really hit it off at practice."

Marcus started his junior year at right tackle. He has already visited Michigan, Notre Dame, Syracuse and Ohio State. O'Hara has a 2.5 grade point average and he's set to take his SATs in April. Coach Bayuk indicated that he has received six scholarship offers.

"Marcus is huge with a large wingspan. He's a bit of a late bloomer that's a stronger run blocker than pass blocker. Marcus does a good job zone-blocking and down-blocking. His size alone makes him a great prospect. I don't think Pitt knew too much about him and I wanted to make sure they met him and knew about him. He's very interested in Pitt."

"Youngkins is a strong fullback-linebacker prospect," said Bayuk. "He has been a two-year starter for us and our team MVP. Right now he has two scholarship offers from MAC school."

"Joe is serious about Pitt. He visited the week before when Pitt held their Pro-Day. Joe brought his parents with him. His visit with me was the second time he was there. He would jump at an offer from Pitt."

"Slade transferred to us from Rayen High School in Youngstown, OH. I don't know too much about him other than he was 1st Team-All City and an excellent athlete. I think he's going to attract serious attention when our season is over."

"All three players walked away with a very favorable impression of the Pitt Panthers. It looks all of the will be attending Pitt's summer football camp."

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