Blankenship comments on spring practice

The University of Pittsburgh is midway through their spring practice sessions. Only one practice has been held outside of the UMPC South Side facilities. That practice was held at Center High School in Monaca, PA. Pitt was attempting to impress Center High School prospect Evan Blankenship. Did it work?

"Holding spring practice at my high school was really cool. It's not often a top college comes to your school to do that," stated massive offensive line prospect Evan Blankenship (6-foot-3 inches, 310 pounds) from Center High School in Monaca, PA.

"I was able to get a closer look at how they run practice. Obviously I spent most of my time watching the offensive line and how Coach (Paul) Dunn interacted with them. I couldn't really interact with the staff the way I would have liked to. There are rules against with recruits."

Blankenship has been a three-year starter for Center High School. He led his team to an outstanding 10-2 record last season.

Evan currently holds two offers from Pitt and Ohio State. He recently stated that he was leaning towards the Buckeyes. When asked if about his current assessment of schools, he stated, "I believe I knew the most about Ohio State at the time. I'm open at this point. Pitt made a huge impression on me bringing spring practice to my high school. It's something I'll remember when making my final decision."

Blankenship is capable of bench pressing 340 pounds, squatting 500 pounds and running a 5.4 forty-yard dash. He is a solid student with a 3.0 grade point average. Michigan, Boston College, Clemson, Notre Dame and Penn State continue to remain in close contact with Evan.

"Most schools are recruiting me as a guard. I could play center if need be, but it would take me a little time to adjust. It's going to be a coaches' decision as to where I play. I simply want to contribute early if possible."

"It was humbling having Pitt bring their spring practice to my high school. Like I said, I'm going to remember that when it comes decision time. I'm open at this point but the Panthers are one of my top choices."

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