Bostick will now help his New Team Recruit

Now that his recruitment has reached what should be its end. Pat Bostick has plans to help try and lure another high profile class to Pittsburgh.

Manheim Township quarterback Pat Bostick gives the Panthers a potential franchise quarterback. now, bostick is trying to play ace recruiter to help his new team.

I'm going to be a straight-shooter, none of the BS. i think that will be a different approach then some. I am just going to tell them the truth as to why I chose Pitt and why they should. I won't pressure anyone. I want the kind of kid with me who wants to be here, not the kind that falls for a made up punch-line."

Who will Bostick target?

"I am going to keep talking to Henry Hynoski, Steve Paskorz, Nick Sukay, Toney Clemons, Josh Marks, and Jordan Mabin. I'm not a flamboyant guy, so I will just tell them Pitt is a great program. I think it is the best one in the state."

Bostick will have a chance to impress Panther fans in june when he attends the annual 7-on-7 passing tournament.

"It is just playing ball, no matter how you look at it there are many external factors out there. It is sure to be a humbling experience. I'll keep my focus and not let it get to me.

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