Panthers evaluate rising sleeper DB

Pitt has dedicated its efforts largely (but not entirely) to a few very fertile recruiting areas, most specifically its home state, Florida, Ohio, and New York. Pitt certainly has its eyes on many of the best players in those areas again for 2007. But of all the players they recruit from the East Coast, no one has as much West Coast heritage as one DB planning to play in Pennsylvania this year. caught up with Aaron Bagsby, Sr. through e-mail recently. His son, Aaron Bagsby, Jr. is getting some serious attention now that he has relocated to the East Coast in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

"Things are heating up for Aaron," stated Bagsby, Sr. "As his tape gets watched recruiters are taking notice."

Bagsby, Jr., who played his senior year at Green Valley High in Henderson, Nevada, will spend this upcoming season at the Hill School in Pottstown, PA. Bagsby is heading to the prep school in an effort to raise his profile with east coast teams after receiving a lot of interest, but eventually no offers, from many of the top programs out West. By playing at a prep school, he will be able to retain his full four years of college eligibility while showcasing his talents another year. But according to the senior Bagsby, it appears junior won't even have to wait until autumn to start raising his profile.

"UConn, ‘Cuse, Temple, BC, Iowa, North Carolina, UNC, South Carolina, and Wisconsin have told me personally this week that they are on him now after viewing his tape," Bagsby mentioned. He also indicated that Florida and Miami, FL have also called expressing interest in his son.

Bagsby, Sr. also stated that all of those schools have invited Bagsby, Jr. to their camps this summer as have Rutgers and the University of Pittsburgh.

"We are also working on a summer tour that will take Aaron to 3 to 4 schools and camps," Bagsby, Sr. stated. "If for some reason we can not do all those schools, we will just attend the Pitt camp."

And why would Pitt's camp take priority?

"Pitt is still on top and will remain," Bagsby, Sr. indicated.

But, has the interest also been reciprocated by the Pitt coaching staff?

"Dave Wannstedt really wants to see him in person Coach Bray informed me."

He also wrote that Syracuse was a close second and that they would be a major player in his son's recruiting during the summer and upcoming season. Bagsby, Jr. primarily played safety last year, although he did also carry the ball on offense and return kicks.

Bagsby, Sr. also expressed that he would be thrilled if Wannstedt ultimately coached his son on the next level. For now, he's just excited about all the positive feedback coming from some of the top programs in the country regarding his son's ability and talent. He is confident by the end of next year that the interest will only increase.

"Aaron is a baller and coaches around the country are just finding that out…"

It looks like it won't be long before all the major programs are fully aware of this new talent from out West.

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