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Hello fellow Panther fans, it's time for The Guru Grill. This is where Panther fans come to get the answers to their questions regarding University of Pittsburgh athletics and recruiting from Recruiting Analyst Bob Lichtenfels.

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CaptainH: Is this true that Peake may have some academic issues.?

GURU: I have not heard of any. He transferred from another school, when that happens at times it creates transcript problems and dilemmas, but they usually work out.

Tartan5868: Where do we stand with LeSean McCoy?

GURU: That's the million dollar question right now. The Milford coaches feel he is coming back there and he seems solid with Miami, but things change.

CaptainH: We have heard that Dan Matha and Ty Bynum have potential issues with academics. Any other Pitt prospects that are borderline or on the wrong side of the academic line?

GURU: I'm sure there are, but you have to remember a lot of these kids have yet to even take the SAT or ACT yet.

ndmOB: With David Abdul having heart surgery, if he doesn't play this year does he get another medical redshirt "a la Jason White"?

GURU: That will be up to Abdul and Pitt. Maybe he will elect not to come back, or maybe he gives up football who knows right now. The number one concern for him is his health right now.

Tartan5868: How many running backs will we take?

GURU: I'm sure it all depends on who they are. I can't see them turning away a Bo Williams and Henry Hynoski if they both elect to go to Pitt.

CaptainH: What are the chances that legacy recruits, Alex Atiyeh and Greg Meisner receive an offer?

GURU: I'm sure they like Meisner and his potential, but will he be an upgrade over what they have? I'm not sure they will take another QB, they are pretty stacked right now.

Tartan5868: Where do we stand with Cam Heyward?

GURU: I still see it coming down to Georgia and Pitt for him. He likes Pitt and he knows he could play early there.

CaptainH: Gary Bardzak and Stiles O'Brien were listed as potential offers around camp time. Where do they stand now?

GURU: O'Brien did not camp at Pitt. Bardzak will probably be in a group of kids that they are still evaluating and discussing.

CaptainH: Chris Drager is often listed as the odd man out. Your thoughts as to why he has not received an offer? Is he a Plan B or do you think there is genuinely no interest?

GURU: Maybe they aren't convinced he is the answer at defensive end, maybe they want to evaluate him more. It could be a number of reasons.

Mistersteelers: Just for fun, will you predict Pitt's class for this year based on 20 ships?

GURU: Geez, that's like playing the lottery you have a one in how ever many billion chance of getting it right.

CaptainH: Which locals, if any, do you think stand the greatest chance of waiting too long to accept a Pitt offer and being left out in the cold when the out of staters, most notably Floridians, and others start verballing to Pitt?

GURU: The only position where a problem could occur may be the OL, WR or RB. I would think the staff wants an answer from Holland, Fieger, Gaskins, Ruch, Blankenship, Hynoski and Moye fairly soon.

CCHS74: Based on your observations and discussions with recruits and high school coaches, who is the # 1 remaining target (class of 2007) of the Pitt staff?

GURU: Right now I would say it would be Nick Sukay and Toney Clemons, but it looks like Sukay may head to Penn State.

CaptainH: Where do you see the following players ending up:


  • Josh Bynes- It's looking like Auburn right now.
  • Branden Curry- Pitt has a shot, but it may depend on what the Big three do.
  • Andrew Devlin- I would think Pitt, but it would not shock me to see him go ACC or an academic type school.
  • Uriah Grant- Wisconsin seems like the front runner. But I won't count out Charlie Partridge.
  • Emeka Nwankwo- Southern school.
  • Markeece Preston- I'm not fully convinced he has an offer from Pitt, so I'll say Maryland.
  • Kevin Rouse- Tough to read, but sounds like Pitt has a shot if he visits.
  • Lansford Watson- Seems enamored with USC right now.

tbro34: Why do you think Antonio Reddic has no offers?

GURU: He is rail thin and hasn't run a real impressive forty yet.

CaptainH: What is going on, recruiting wise, with Fitzgerald Bobo, Tim Cortazzo and Kyle Hubbard? Are these Plan B players for Pitt or simply of no interest to the staff?

GURU: Bobo and Cortazzo are victims of numbers really. Bobo could get an offer with an impressive senior season and a few things falling in his favor. Hubbard doesn't seem like a Plan B, but we don't know if he has shown an interest in Pitt, that is always the tough part to figure in the equation.

themasterghoul: Fullbacks included, who you would rank as the best 3 running backs in Pennsylvania?

GURU: Very weak this year at RB. I would say Hynoski, Powell and Paskorz. Paskorz and Powell are both looking like defensive players. I like Marcel Farrish, he has grown on me.

CaptainH: According to other sources Caleb Ruch, Cameron Holland and John Fieger all received offers at camp. Did their camp performance put them on the A list or are their concerns about whether Pitt will get their first wave of offers to commit?

GURU: Other sources? Funny, I thought the source was me…lol. All this A list and Plan B stuff cracks me up. Evaluations are an on-going process, some coaching staffs may not find out about a kid until late, but they may like him as much or better then a kid they offered in February or March. Pitt seems to be in the final two for Matha and Gradkowski, so it's tough to beat that position at this stage. Regardless of where they go.

Reno9: Other than Josh Bynes and Brandon Lindsey, what other linebacker prospects are on our A-list?

GURU: Kevin Rouse seems to be one getting a lot interest as well as Will Thompson.

CaptainH: What is your take on Kevin Brown?

GURU: Kevin is a great kid. He works very hard and he was at camp for five days. He could get an offer, but Pitt wants to make sure they are taking kids who can be difference makers. Do they feel he is? That is the question.

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