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Hello fellow Panther fans, it's time for The Guru Grill. This is where Panther fans come to get the answers to their questions regarding University of Pittsburgh athletics and recruiting from Recruiting Analyst Bob Lichtenfels.

CaptainH: What is the status of Henry Hynoski?


GURU: Henry is visiting Iowa. He and his family are taking their time, so they can make the proper decision. It is only July, no need to get all riled up because a kid wants to take his time.


Pittbball11: After his comments about his last visit, do you see Pitt as a legit contender for Bo Williams?


GURU: I do, but I also have been in the game long enough to know the deal with Florida kids. It is a rarity that many of them commit to schools in the North early. Most of them will take their time and take their visits before deciding.


gopitt315: How many linebackers do you see the Panthers taking in the class of 2007?


GURU: Right now, I would think possibly two linebackers.


CaptainH: Where does Pitt stand with Caleb Ruch?


GURU: They are a team he is looking at, but like Hynoski he is taking his time and trying to make the best choice for himself.


hf512j4: Do you like Pitt's chances with Derrick Morgan?


GURU: I don't see Pitt landing him, things could change but I think Ohio State and Penn State may have the inside track.


tbro34: I see Rutgers is off to an incredible start in recruiting. Do you think they will break into the top 25?


GURU:  Probably not, they recruit a ton in Florida and to be honest there are far too many D-I kids and a lot of them don't get a true evaluation. It is very hard to get film on most of those kids down there. If Rutgers can land most of the top kids in New Jersey then they would have a shot.


CaptainH: Do you think Dave Wannstedt should try to sign Jeff Spikes now or wait until he plays this season?


GURU: My guess would be that if Cameron Holland commits, Pitt will be done with linemen. Now, if say Branden Curry wants to commit they would probably take him. Spikes would likely be a Plan B type of guy.


Reno9: With the recent offensive line commitments, what other positions are the Panthers going to heavily pursue in the next few months.


GURU: Running back, one more tight end, and then its filling gaps on the DL at LB maybe at DB. Obviously they would love to land Clemons, Moye and Mo Williams. The offensive line was a weak spot and they have addressed it now you concentrate on filling the other needs and taking the best available options after that.


Pittbball11: If the Panthers somehow get Bo Williams, does this officially end Pitt's recruitment of LeSean McCoy and who would you prefer if you were a head coach?


GURU: Me, personally I would take whichever one wanted to play for me. McCoy gets a bad rap, he is very competitive and just wants to win. That comes off as cocky to a lot of folks. He also has the kind of rare talent that can lead you to championships. I think Wannstedt is used to being around guys like that from his experience in the NFL, so he could probably handle McCoy. Williams is talented and would probably cause less aggravation in the long run. McCoy would be the type of kid that I would think Pitt would have to take if he would say he wanted to go there.


NJBob: Is Pitt still recruiting Malcolm Harris from Paterson (N.J.) Catholic and his teammate (the DT - can't recall his name)?


GURU: I don't personally believe Markeece Preston has a Pitt offer. He prefers the offensive line and Pitt has met those needs. Harris is a nice looking athlete, but I think Pitt is looking harder at others right now. He is a small back and Pitt has Larod for a few more years.


Reno9: What is your take on Kevin Rouse and Jordan Bernstein becoming Panthers?


GURU: I don't see two high profile Midwest kids leaving the Big Ten for the Big East. I'm not saying it is impossible, but I think it's a long shot unless both visit and have a great time.


CaptainH: You've indicated that the offensive line will not be as strong in Pennsylvania next year. How do the surrounding states look for offensive line prospects?


GURU: Ohio should have almost as good as an offensive line crew next season as it had in 2006.


BAGSBY32: Are there anymore Florida sleepers coming into the mix?


GURU: Half the state of Florida is considered as sleepers in July because there are too many to cover. So, my guess would be...Yes.


gopitt315: Any word on the kids from the class of 2006 who seem to be flying under the radar.


GURU: You'll have to be a little more specific with that one. Do you mean guys like Aundre Wright or current Panthers?


Pittbball11: If you could have any running back that we are pursuing right now, including LeSean McCoy, who would you want?


GURU: LeSean is a difference maker. I would take him or Bo Williams.


Ncpittfan: Who will be the better college player, Maurice Williams or Joe Haden?


GURU: Wow, nothing like putting me on the spot. I like them both, but I think it will depend on which programs they commit to. Both players are exceptional athletes, they need to be in a scheme where they will be able to make the most use of their talents. Haden is physically more ready. Mo is a great athlete who has a ton of potential. Ask me this question after they both commit and I'll give you an answer.


gopitt315: Which linebackers do the Panthers have a legitimate shot with.  


GURU: I would think Brandon Lindsey. I think Devan Johnson could play his way to an offer if he has a few good games early in the season. He is very athletic and has an edge about him that I really like. He is my Barry Church of this class. I felt they should have gone after Church and I feel they should go after Devan Johnson.


CaptainH: Based on your information, where do you think Brandon Lindsey will end up?


GURU: Its Aliquippa, you have to pick Pitt with a Quip.


tbro34: Other than Pitt, do you think any other Big East schools could land recruiting classes in the top 30?  


GURU: West Virginia could potentially be a top 20 team. Louisville always finishes very strong. Rutgers could if they can finish strong. If a few things turn Syracuse's way they could contend. If UConn can find a way to get Aaron Hernandez back they could have a shot.


CCHS74: Does Pitt have any chance with Maryland/DC area prospects Tony Tucker, Justin Young or Joe Haden etc.? 


GURU: Justin Young is down to Pitt and Virginia Tech from what I hear. Haden had Pitt in his final four. Tucker I think it will depend on whether or not he schedules an official visit.


hf512j4: Where does Derrick Morgan's recruitment stand and when do you see him making a decision?


GURU: I think Ohio State and Penn State may be the teams to beat. Again, like many others if you can get a visit you have a chance. So, if Pitt can get an official they have a shot.


NJBob: Of our remaining top targets, which are most likely to delay their decision for at least several more months?


GURU: Toney Clemons and any kids in Florida.


CaptainH: Which defensive linemen are the most likely to pick Pitt this year?


GURU: Right now Justin Young would seem like a viable candidate.


gopitt315: Since linebacker is a top priority for the 2007 class, why don't we hear more about the recruits available at the position.


GURU: I never heard of it being a top priority. I think it was last year. Offensive line and wide receiver were higher priorities this year.


Pittbball11: How many running backs will Pitt take for the class of 2007?


GURU: It appears as though they could take two.


Reno9: Which Panther coaches are responsible for recruiting Kevin Rouse and Jordan Bernstein?


GURU: Paul Rhoades is recruiting Bernstine and Rouse.


CaptainH: Would you hold a place for Jeff Spikes, given his potential?


GURU: If I had 25 ships I would, but I don't think they are in a position to take fliers on many guys this year.


BAGSBY32: After C.J. Peake and Evan Rodriguez, who are the staff's Plan-B guys at safety?


GURU: Rontez Miles could fall into that category if he gets grades. Fields looks as though he will play safety. They will have Lowell Robinson for another year and have DeCicco coming in. The Plan-B option would likely be from someone who would impress them this season in those first two-three games. Yes, Bagsby I'm sure Aaron would be in that group with a strong first few games.


gopitt315: Have you heard how any of the incoming players, Ricky Gary, Aaron Smith, etc. are doing?


GURU: I have heard there were some concerns with Gary's size. Smith I'm told has been a pleasant surprise. It's too early to judge. You'll have to wait until August when the pads come on to get a true feel.


CaptainH: Would you prefer Caleb Ruch or Cameron Holland?


GURU: I like them both. I would take whoever commits first they are that close.



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