Q/A with David Cox ~ Pitt Basketball

David Cox was recenly hired as the Director of Basketball Operations for the University of Pittsburgh. Over a month into his new position, the PantherDigest.com decided to follow up with him and talk about his initial experiences. PantherDigest.com writer Mike Vukovcan provides fans a site down Q/A with David Cox.


David Cox was hired recently as Pitt's new director of basketball operations. We just caught up with Cox to see how his first month on the job has gone and his outlook on his new job.

Q) How has your first month in Pittsburgh gone?

COX: I've had two big adjustments to make professionally obviously and personally. The professional adjustment has gone extremely well. I am learning quite a bit, this is obviously a career change for me. Orlando has worked well with me and basically shown me the ropes in regards to all the administrative duties that I am responsible for........We meet almost daily.........Personally I'm excited because my family is moving here this week. I've been here 5 weeks without my family.

Q) What will be the biggest key to having success with your new job?

COX: Organization and communication will be the two biggest keys to this position. I'll need to communicate daily with all the members of the coaching staff to find out where they're at with recruiting, what there needs are, and who they're recruiting so that I can keep an efficient paper trail for recruiting means and for official and unofficial visits. So my communication with them will be vital.

Q) Initial impressions of Pittsburgh as a city?

COX: It's a big change. I've been in Washington D.C all my life. I'd say it's a little bit of a slower pace here. It's a more conducive place to raise a family because of that pace change. What I have been thoroughly impressed with is just the genius and sincerity of the people here in Pittsburgh. One big difference is you just don't go around smiling and speaking to everybody in D.C. like you do here in Pittsburgh. It's going to be a great place for me to raise my family.

Q) What excites you most about your new position?

COX:What's not to be excited about. I'm a basketball junkie. I'm been involved with basketball all my life. And having the opportunity to work at a college......And to be in a program like this one, in the Big East Conference the number one conference in the country, a program that has done very well over the last five or six years and to have the opportunity to be apart of its continued success this is ideal. This is a dream come true.

Q) What about the thinking that Pitt will change its recruiting base and concentrate more on Washington D.C. and less in New York?

COX: I don't think there's much validity to that statement because we have an individual on our staff with major New York city ties in Orlando.........But I think it is important that other east coast cities are accessible for a school like Pittsburgh......A place like D.C. it's only a 3.5 to 4 hour ride to Pittsburgh, a 45 minute flight. I think we have done collectively over the last month a very good job of gaining some interest with some of the major talent down there.

Q) How much talent is in the D.C. area?

COX: I would say that D.C. is hot right now. D.C. always has talent but I haven't seen this caliber of talent as a group (Class of 2007 & 2008) in a long time, probably in the last twenty-five years. I don't know if you could name more nationally recognized players in one area. When you talk about an area being that small and producing this many major athletes.......You have to say that area is one of the top three areas for high school basketball talent up and down the east coast without a doubt.

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