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Hello fellow Panther fans, it's time for The Guru Grill. This is where Panther fans come to get the answers to their questions regarding University of Pittsburgh athletics and recruiting from Recruiting Analyst Bob Lichtenfels. publisher Harry Psaros will offer guest commentary.</

CaptainH: Is there a list of which juniors have received offers now that these can be official?

GURU:There is always a list on the premium message board, we try and keep it up to date, but there's no way of accurately knowing all of the offers all of the time.

  • TE- Mike Cruz- Bishop McCort, Pa
  • TE- Mark Wedderburn- Cardinal O' Hara, Pa
  • WR- Ed Tinker-Brashear, Pa
  • WR- Jonathan Baldwin- Aliquippa, Pa
  • WR- Averin Collier- Churchville Chili, NY
  • WR- Marcus Sales- Christian Brothers Academy, NY
  • OL- J.B. Shugarts- Klein, Tx
  • DT- Luke Nix- Thomas Jefferson, Pa
  • DE- Kaleb Ramsey - Laurel Highlands, Pa
  • LB- Shayne Hale- Gateway, Pa
  • CB- Jarred Holley- Easton, Pa
  • Ath- Terrelle Pryor- Jeannette, Pa
  • Ath- Antwuan Reed- Johnstown, Pa
  • Ath- A.J. Alexander- Altoona, Pa.

    Reno9: Does Jared Williams still have a Pitt offer?

    GURU: Not unless something has changed recently that I have not heard of.

    HARRY: To be honest, most coaching staffs "don't take kindly" to players committing then "shopping around" for additional schools. It's safe to say Jared Williams won't be a Panther.

    WeRnotTheirRivals: I was wondering about some juniors. We all know the Shane Hale's, Jonathan Baldwin's and Lucas Nix's, but who about some others?

    GURU: If you look at the list of offers above you'll see a number of them. I will be rolling out a few lists here in the upcoming weeks.

    Ribo37: How many linebackers will we take this year?

    GURU: My guess would be two, obviously that could change as they see how the young guys do throughout the year. Wannstedt likes LB's as athletes that you can move to other positions also.

    HARRY: The Panthers are involved with Brandon Lindsey and a number of players from Florida (Ronnie Thornton, Maurice Harris and Josh Hartigan). I believe the staff will add a two to three prospects.

    CaptainH: For the class of 2008, are there any surprises as to who received an offer or who did not?

    GURU: I like the list so far, I guess Tinker would be a surprise, but he has a tremendous amount of upside, so I can see why they would offer him.

    Reno9: Assuming Jordan Gibbs is being considered an offensive tackle, will Pitt take another tight end, besides Krupa. And if so, who are the top candidates?

    GURU: Kyle Hubbard appears to be the one they covet most at this time.

    HARRY: "The Godfather" is 100% correct. Hubbard is their top tight end candidate. Kyle is an excellent athlete with a long frame. He happens to be close with Joe Thomas and the two of them keep in close contact. I believe Pitt is the team to beat.

    WeRnotTheirRivals: How good are 2008 prospects Josh Vick and Tyler Porco?

    GURU: I don't think Pitt will pursue Porco. Vick is a solid at a good 6-3/200 pounds. He is gutsy and has a presence about him. I like his arm and he is pretty accurate. I haven't see all the QB's in the area, but he stands a good chance to be one of the best if not the top QB in Western Pa by the time all is said and done. Vick was leading the area in passing until it was reported that he tore knee ligaments last weekend and will be lost for the season.

    Ribo37: What Florida recruits do you think we have the best chance of getting this year.

    GURU: I think I get this question every week and the answers usually change from week to week anytime you discuss Florida. Joel McCleod seems like a Panther to me. I would expect 1-2 of the RB's and possibly Matt Clements.

    HARRY: Pitt has a shot to land Zach Brown, Greg Williams, Matt Clements, Tyson Butler, Joel McCleod (seems like a Pitt lock), Branden Curry, Ronnie Thornton and Josh Hartigan

    NOTE: **Xavier Stinson committed after this report was written**

    CaptainH: Who are the top seniors Dave Wannstedt and Company are waiting to see play some football this season before making an official offer?

    GURU: Aundre Wright is the one that I think of; he is at Milford Academy right now as a post-graduate player. Tristan Roberts could be another, he has Pitt ties.

    Reno9: Has any other schools offered Jared Williams?

    GURU: Not according to him. We updated him about two weeks ago and he had not received an offer as of yet.

    MisterSteelers: I know that Harry has always been confident that Tony Clemons will be a Panther, but have any of his latest interviews changed that view?

    GURU: I have learned not to read any interviews with Toney. He plays the game and enjoys the process. I believe it's a Pitt-Michigan battle and he has not told me anything that makes me think otherwise. He told me this Thursday the same thing it's a Pitt/Michigan battle.

    tbro34: I know it's extremely early, but what kind of a case is Clint Session making for a career of playing football on Sundays.

    GURU: I think Session could play at the next level, especially if he continues to look the way he has early on. His individual workouts and if he gets invited to the combine or any of the all-star games will tell a lot as well.

    HARRY: Clint has the speed and athleticism to make it in the NFL. I think he's in the same mold as a Gary Brackett (Colts) and James Harrison (Steelers). It all comes down to his Pro Day numbers. Let's hope he's a workout warrior and he's healthy.

    CaptainH: Anyone flying under the radar who you think should have an offer from Pitt but doesn't?

    GURU: Honestly, I have not really seen anyone so far in the early going that I think should be offered. If I had to pick one early it may be Jake Anderson from McDowell.

    Kreitzer: What do you think about Dorin Dickerson to linebacker?

    GURU: I know Penn State felt he would be a linebacker, but I just don't see him as having a defensive mentality. He has the body and build for it, but being a linebacker is a whole different mind set.

    HARRY: Funny you ask this question. I had a fan approach me during the Michigan State game and ask the same thing. Dorin is all of 6-foot-2 inches and 215 pounds. He has wide shoulders and has the frame to add additional weight. With his speed, I thought it was an idea worth throwing around. Bob hit the main issue right on the head. Dorin simply doesn't have the natural instincts you want in linebacker. He doesn't have the "defensive mentality". I hope for his sake he settles into a position soon.

    Pittee3: What's your thoughts on Altoona's Alphonso Lewis. Do you see Lewis as a speedy linebacker in college?

    GURU: I like Lewis a lot, I have no doubts that he could get bigger and be a D-I linebacker.

    CaptainH: What are the chances Jake Anderson gets an offer?

    GURU: I wouldn't say he won't get one, but he projects best as a defensive tackle and the Panthers are pretty stacked at the position right now.

    WeRnotTheirRivals: How do you see a hot start by Pitt resonating with key targets like Toney Clemons, Bo Williams, Cameron Heyward, Brandon Lindsey and possibly others? The obvious answer is "it can't hurt" but I am looking for something more tangible?

    GURU: LOL…You took my answer. Heyward to me shows no enthusiasm about recruiting, I guess you could say he has a strong poker face. I think it will help a lot with Toney Clemons. Bo will be interested; his decision seems to a matter of where he feels he fits best when he visits. Lindsey it should help, although he seems to be focused on Pitt and Ohio State. The Buckeyes may win a national title, so if he looks at a team solely on how they finish which I doubt he does, it would be tough to beat that.

    HARRY: This isn't an easy question to answer. You're asking about a group of highly recruited, blue-chip athletes that have been extremely hard to read. Pitt needed to win and they have accomplished that….so far. Winning does matter and it will help them significantly. I still believe that Pitt will eventually land Clemons and Lindsey. Bo Williams and Cameron Heyward are highly recruited and it's far too early to predict anything.

    Ribo37: Which 2007 linebacker prospects do we have the best chances with.

    GURU: Brandon Lindsey

    HARRY: Lindsey, Ronnie Thornton and Josh Hartigan.

    Reno9: Do we have any shot w/ Devonte Campbell or Kyle Hubbard?

    GURU: I don't even think Pitt is seriously recruiting Campbell and I doubt he has an offer. He wants to be a tight end and he is 6-2.

    Pittee3: What are your thoughts on Ryan Revtai? Are the Panthers interested?

    GURU: I saw him on FSN recently and he was ok, but I think it will depend on his size and how well he does at the combines and camps next year. He did well at our combine in the spring and last year he looked like a player.

    Bitterpill94: With plenty of depth in the defensive backfield, is there any chance of Irvan Brown being switched back to running back?

    GURU: There is always a chance, but I doubt it. It would take a few injuries before something like that would happen. He has looked pretty comfortable at safety this season.

    CaptainH: Any early word on how many scholarships will be available for 2008?

    GURU: We likely won't know that until the spring time.

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    Bill Harris

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