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Hello fellow Panther fans, it's time for The Guru Grill. This is where Panther fans come to get the answers to their questions regarding University of Pittsburgh athletics and recruiting from Recruiting Analyst Bob Lichtenfels.

Hello fellow Panther fans, it's time for The Guru Grill. This is where Panther fans come to get the answers to their questions regarding University of Pittsburgh athletics and recruiting from Recruiting Analyst Bob Lichtenfels.

CaptainH: If Cam Holland and/or Andy Devlin were to decommit from their respective schools, would there be an opening with Pitt for either or both?

GURU: I think you have to take Andrew Devlin if he wants to jump aboard. The kid has a great frame and can move he is a prototype potential left tackle or he can be a blocking tight end to compliment Byham. The need will be offensive tackle and if he is ok with that I would take him. As for Holland it is always tough to turn away local kids, but he had his chance and he chose North Carolina. To me the team has other needs that need met and with the talent they have secured on the offensive line I can't see bringing him in unless it is as a grayshirt.

mistersteelers: Are there any WPIAL or other state prospects that fell under the radar, but are now in position for offers due to strong play?

GURU: Rontez Miles and Vondre Griffin they had some offers, but they have showed that they are capable of playing at a very high level. I also have been impressed by Devan Johnson, for me it would be tough not to try and get all three of them. Vondre and Rontez have academic issues, I would get them and place them at a Milford Academy and sign them in 2008.

Kreitzer: What do you hear about De'Von Jeter from Aliquippa? I think I read that Pitt is recruiting him at Valley Forge. Having seen a few Aliquippa games over the past few years, I thought he was as much a player as Brandon Lindsey or the kid that went to Cincinnati. I don't know about his upside, but he was a football player.

GURU: Jeter is a player, but where at fullback they have already landed Henry Hynoski and it seems as though they are highly interested in Jimmy Maitland from Florida. Fullback is likely where Jeter fits best.

CaptainH: Where do you think Hartigan, Thorton, Hubbard, Tucker, Ojomo, Sheard and Curry end up?

GURU: Hartigan I'll go with NC State. Sheard and Thornton I'll hold off until I see who they visit. Tucker may come down to Ga Tech and Pitt, again depends on how the visits go. Hubbard likewise. Curry and Ojomo I feel Pitt has a great shot with Curry. Ojomo I think it could be a stunner and he picks Pitt. You can't predict this early when kids are intent on taking their visits. They fall in love with each school on each visit.

Pittbball11: Is Pitt a real player for LeSean McCoy or just a passing interest due to early success?

GURU: I doubt he would say they are a player if they weren't. Dave Wannstedt was at Milford on Monday visiting and the word I got was that several Milford players are highly interested.

tbro34: How much does the Miami win help out Louisville recruiting; affect the reset of the Big East?

GURU: Any time you can beat a program like Miami it is a boost to your program, especially since most of the teams recruit that area so hard. It also helps for national perception as being the weak sister since Miami left, and then a team you added beats the powerhouse that left you at the altar you can't beat that story.

CaptainH: Why do you think Mabin did not get more I-A offers?

GURU: I think some were worried about his size. The kid is a player he has shown that at the combines and in pads.

senator58: Is something else we don't know yet about RB recruiting. It seems odd that Stinson just pulled the trigger a few weeks even before his visit. Add to that reports that Pitt has backed off on its pursuit of Bo Williams. Does Pitt have another RB already in the fold that allowed Pitt to back off of Bo and possibly give Stinson a now or never ultimatum? I know there are the Shady rumors, but is there possibly something firmer the coaches have that allowed for the other events?

GURU: Stinson can play linebacker and running back, both are positions of need so it's a win-win situation for Pitt. McCoy seems genuinely interested right now and I'm sure the staff has a good idea of whether or not they are in the game or not.

PittFan007: Since Pitt is really recruiting Milford Prep really hard. How many players do you think Pitt gets from Milford?

GURU: Could be anywhere from one up to four this year.

CaptainH: Is Pitt still interested in Matt Clements since he had the public issues over refusing to play the position his coach wanted him to play?

GURU: It was never stated exactly what happened and there are always two sides to every story. I'm sure the staff knows both sides and they don't seem like they have cooled on him.

mistersteelers: Any new leads or developments with Toney Clemons, Brandon Lindsey or Cam Heyward?

GURU: Clemons is announcing on Friday, it seems like it will be Michigan. Heyward came up Saturday, but I don't think it was expected that he would, so to me that raises some flags. Lindsey I still believe will be a Panther.

Pittbball11: If Pitt were to stumble do you see LeSean McCoy sticking with the program due to its potential or just dropping us like he did last year?

GURU: He knows he could be the man at Pitt, I really don't think he'll make an opinion based on wins-losses. He has said Pitt and Penn State, both teams are doing decent and both could finish with similar records.

CaptainH: Is there anyone out there you still think Pitt should offer or any sleepers to keep an eye on?

GURU: The three kids from Woody High that I had already mentioned Devan Johnson, Rontez Miles and Vondre Griffin.

Reno9: Are the panthers still interested in Chris Hanna?

GURU: I don't believe so.

pittee3: Is Pitt still looking at DE Darnell Pratt out of Milford? He mentions Pitt as one of the schools writing to him. Have you seen any film on Pratt?

GURU: I have and I saw him play in person. I don't see him being the answer at DE right now.

CaptainH: The 2006 class appeared to be very tight with Malecki and Dickerson being the leaders. This class doesn't seem to have that same feeling, possibly because there are not as many WPIAL players who already know or know of each other. How would you catagorize this year's class, and who has stepped into the leadership role?

GURU: Jacobson and Bostick I would say right now. Stinson mentioned that he would take a more active role in the recruitment of the Florida players. I think a lot more of these guys know each other better than you think they do.

Pittbball11: Despite the loss to Rutgers, do you expect any recruits from the game last Saturday to commit? Was the atmosphere/ability to play early a big enough factor for them to ignore the loss? If so, who do you see committing soon?

GURU: Wins and losses on visits mean more to message board fodder then they do to recruits. Not very many kids are going to make a decision based upon how a team does when they are here. Look at last year when Pitt got crushed by Notre Dame it didn't affect them negatively at all. I think at least one-two of those guys eventually commit.

senator58: Do you think Matt Cavanaugh & Dave Wannstedt would consider running a two quarterback system for the first few games next year before declaring a starter?

GURU: How often does that work? Not very often. I'm sure they'll all be given a shot and the best man will win out.

CaptainH: Which. if any, of the verbals and serious potential verbals have potential significant grade issues?

GURU: I think Jacobson has some work to do. Aundre Wright still has some work to do. Matha will likely be down to the wire. One of the Florida kids also I believe is close.

duboispanther: Do you see Aundre Wright playing offense or defense?

GURU: Offense without a doubt, he brings an added dimension to the Pitt offense in the slot they have not had.

NJBob: Have you heard anything about who's recruiting Wayne Hills (NJ) RB Ray Van Peenen?

GURU: No, Bob I have not. He has been a very productive back in high school. I'd guess maybe a Temple or Buffalo.

CaptainH: Any grey shirt rumblings, (Nick Krupa, Jordan Gibbs, etc.?

GURU: Not as far as I have heard yet.

duboispanther: What are your feelings on Nick Krupa?

GURU: Luke Warm, I haven't seen a lot of film on him so it's difficult for me to make a truly accurate description. Pitt saw something they obviously liked.

senator58: After Walt Harris left, he and Tyler Palko seemed to continue a strong coach/player relationship. This included multiple calls each week. I just wonder if that still continues or has Matt Cavanaugh replaced the role Harris had with Palko. In addition, did the relationship possibly have to end before Palko bought into Dave Wannstedt & Matt Cavanaugh?

GURU: Again I think that is something fans care more about then what Dave or Matt actually do. In someway it may have been an eye-opener, but I highly doubt it. College offense are complex and it takes time to learn them, Palko finally looks comfortable and it shows. Why would Pitt care if Harris could give any helpful advice to their QB. Harris is still widely regarded as one of the best QB minds in the game.

tbro34: Do you see a possible Dexter Davidson transfer with the possible log jam at QB in Pitt's near future.

GURU: That's tough to predict. Look at Getsy, did many think he'd leave? Flacco could have got some time, but he chose to leave. That left Pitt with Stull as the back-up last year as a true freshmen. Things are unpredictable. You never know what will happen, maybe one of the guys you wouldn't expect to leave will leave you just never know.

senator58: If Pat Bostick beats out Bill Stull for the starting QB position, is there a good chance that Stull will transfer?

GURU: Lol…I'm sure it wouldn't sit well with Stull or all his South Hills supporters, but it's a business the best guy will play. If that is Billy then he will be the guy. Bostick is very good, but nothing will be handed to him.

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