Gary McGhee Update

University of Pittsburgh center Aaron Gray will soon be headed the NBA and the Panthers will need talented big men to fill the void at center next season. One of the top candidates to do so is big Gary McGhee from Anderson, IN. The recently spoke with him about the start of his season.

"Right now we're 8-8 for the season. We haven't played as well as we should have but I think our record is going to steadily improve," stated 2007 Pitt commitment Gary McGhee (6-foot-10 inches, 250 pounds) from Anderson High School in Anderson, IN. "We recently won the Madison Country Tournament, so I like think we're hitting our stride." ranks McGhee a "three-star" center prospect. He joins fellow class of 2007 commitments Bradley Wanamaker (6-foot-4 inches, 200 pounds) from Roman Catholic High School in Philadelphia, PA, DeJuan Blair (6-foot-7 inches, 250 pounds) from Schenley High School in Pittsburgh, PA, Cassin Diggs (6-foot-10 inches, 265 pounds) from Cloud Community College in Concordia, KS and Darnell Dodson (6-foot-7 inches, 210 pounds) from Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Greenbelt, MD.

"Right now I'm averaging 21 points, 12 rebounds and 4 blocked shots per game. Our offense is mostly running through me right now but we're about to bring in a talented 6-foot-6 inch freshman and he's going to add another scoring option."

When asked about the areas of his game that have improved since his junior year, McGhee immediately stated, "I'm much more mobile. I'm running the floor better; I'm playing with more energy, intensity and confidence."

"My coaches have noticed my increased mobility. I have been able to guard people on the perimeter this year. That's something I struggled with as a junior."

McGhee indicated that he attempts to watch the Pitt whenever they are on television. Although he thoroughly enjoys watching the current iteration of the Panthers, he can't help but look ahead.

"I know that Aaron (Gray) and Levon (Kendall) graduate and it's going to take a lot of fill their shoes," McGhee said. "I want to get to Pitt and fight for minutes. I'm confident that I can contribute at the Big East level. Right now I'm getting up at 5:30 in the morning every day and lifting weights with our football coach. I weigh 250 pounds and I'm adding more muscle."

"My focus right now is getting my team to a championship. I'm happy with my decision to attend Pitt and it's great to know that I'm going to a program with a winning tradition."

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