McCoy Set to Begin Pitt Career

Despite huge expectations LeSean McCoy is set to join the Panthers and begin a new chapter in his life. A jubilant McCoy took some time out to talk to

Milford Academy running back LeSean McCoy has had a long and trying time trying to reach his goal of being able showcase his skills at the D-I level.

McCoy now has a new hunger for the game and Dave Wannstedt and the Pittsburgh Panthers may reap the benefits.

"I can't wait," McCoy said. "All this waiting and it is almost here. I am working hard and getting ready. I may go up there this weekend and meet with the offensive coaches and Pat Bostick and Henry Hynoski." McCoy has worked diligently in the classroom and the future Communications major is almost there.

"I got all A's and B's," McCoy stated. "I get out of here May 10th and I'm scheduled to start summer classes at Pitt on May 15th. All I have to do is keep doing what I am doing and I'm set."

The five-star runnin back has also worked on his body as well.

"I feel good," he said. "I am 100 percet now. I'm 6-0 and 208 pounds. I had to tone myself up a bit. I was carrying some dead weight from the injury."

McCoy is excited about his future teammates that he has bonded with.

"Bostick knows the whole playbook already," McCoy said. "That guy is dedicated to the game. Hynoski is going to do some great things at Pitt you just wait and see."

Panther fans will be waiting for May 10th to come around to see if McCoy officially makes it and gives the Panthers an every down back that they have been searching for. Milford head coach Bill Chaplick is proud of what his talented back has accomplished.

"Nobody gave the kid a chance and he has worked his ass off here at Milford," Chaplick said. "The kid looks great and is set to go to Pitt and do great things."

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