Kearney a Frequent Visitor

Downingtown, Pa., product Nolan Kearney took his third trip to Pittsburgh his weekend and came home feeling as good about the Panthers as he had on both other visits. While no school really leads for his services, the coaching staff at Pitt certainly is helping their situation if they end up coveting the signal caller.

Nolan Kearney, a 6-foot-4, 225-pound quarterback from Downingtown West High School has been contacted at some point by schools as far reaching as Connecticut and Florida State, but still has yet to pick up his first written scholarship offer. This weekend he took his third trip to Pittsburgh and came away impressed as usual.

"I just got back from that blue chip recruiting day," Kearney said. "The coaches took us back and drew up a lot of the offense on the chalkboard so we could learn the ins and outs of how things will work this season. It was just good to learn some specifics about the offense and really get a feeling for their philosophies on that side of the ball."

Kearney was also able to take in a scrimmage and see the facilities at Pittsburgh along with the rest of the players invited for the event. While he had been to Pittsburgh before, he was still very impressed.

"First of all, the scrimmage was a great experience," Kearney added. "They threw the ball a lot which was nice and everything looked pretty similar to our offense at West. There was good intensity coming from everyone in the scrimmage and the facilities are obviously very good."

While facilities, offensive schemes, campuses and social life can all be very important in separating perspective schools for an athlete, relationship with the coaching staff almost always seems to trump the others a bit. That's one department Pittsburgh definitely has done a great job on Kearney.

"The coaches are always cool and honest with you," Kearney explained. "I've told you before, but I really like Coach (Matt) Cavanaugh and Coach (Paul) Dunn a lot. I have a great feel for them both, especially Cavanaugh and my father and coach both really like Coach Dunn, who is always a good guy. Both of them told me they were bringing Coach (Dave) Wannstedt down to meet me in the spring, so I'll be looking forward to that."

Kearney was an All-League and All-Area selection for both his sophomore and junior seasons. He completed 99 of 148 passes for 1526 yards and 14 touchdowns as a junior and also added 447 yards on the ground. As a sophomore, Kearney completed 77 of 127 passes for 1305 yards and nine touchdowns while rushing for an additional 355 yards. He has led Downingtown West to the Class AAAA playoffs in each of his two starting seasons.

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