Espinosa Turning Heads At Pitt

Eladio Espinosa has been turning heads at every tournament he's competed in this spring, and he's gotten attention from the University of Pittsburgh coaching staff as well.

A 6-foot-7 power forward from Charlotte (N.C.) Victory Christian, Eladio Espinosa can play facing the basket, as well as with his back to it, but he also can get the ball on the wing and create for himself. He has good ball skills for his size and is a solid scorer from short range. Espinosa can be dominant inside at times due to his athleticism as well.

Espinosa has been gaining interest from Illinois, Clemson, Charlotte and UNC-Wilmington along with Pittsburgh. believes that Espinosa's athleticism, speed, quickness and potential rate him as a Division I-A performer, but he needs to work on his finishing skills and more consistency as a scorer from the low blocks. He likely can get by on athleticism and explosiveness around the rim until he polishes his skills. Espinosa has a tremendous upside, so his improvement should happen quickly with a strong work ethic.

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