Pitt Gains Major Ground With Woods

West Virginia commitment J.D. Woods made his official visit to Pittsburgh this weekend and while he remains a Mountaineer, it's safe to say that the Panthers made up a lot of ground in this race if Woods chooses to re-open his recruiting in the near future. The Florida playmaker spent some time with us Sunday night to talk about his Pitt experience.

J.D. Woods had a very productive season as a senior for Golden Gate High School, snaring 54 catches for 956 yards and nine touchdowns. The 6-foot-2.5, 180-pound wide receiver also intercepted two passes while playing in the defensive secondary. While Woods is currently listed as a soft verbal commitment to the West Virginia Mountaineers, it sounds like things could change in the near future.

"My visit was great because I loved being up in the big city," Woods said. "I'm not used to that being from Naples, so it was a cool experience. T.J. Porter was my host and he was a real cool guy. He almost feels like a big brother to me and I just met him this weekend, so you could say we bonded pretty quickly. I was just amazed how quickly we clicked."

Porter wasn't the only player Woods clicked with.

"I bonded with a bunch of players on the team while I was there because they were all such cool people," Woods explained. "LeSean McCoy was real cool and funny as heck. We all went out with our hosts on Saturday night and T.J. was showing off his dance moves for us. It was just a great time hanging out with all of the players."

The Naples, Fla., native also talked to us about Pittsburgh's coaching staff and the opportunities he saw in the city.

"Head Coach (Dave) Wannstedt and I really bonded during the visit and he was with me the entire time," Woods stated. "Coach (Aubrey) Hill and Coach (Charlie) Partridge all made me feel like I was right at home and I thought they were great people who I could see myself playing for. I was also really impressed with what opportunities Pitt had to offer academically. The FBI building is right next to the training facilities and there are plenty of big companies in the city that would give me great job options after school."

So, where does this visit put Pittsburgh?

"Pitt has definitely moved up a lot after the official visit, a lot. I am still committed to West Virginia now, but things could definitely change. We'll see what happens with the transition there now. It's just tough because the entire staff except for Coach Bill Stewart left."

Woods sounded extremely excited about Pittsburgh and what the program and school had to offer while talking to him. This is definitely a situation to keep an eye on over the next few weeks.

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