Greene Reflects on Pitt Trip

The Pittsburgh Panthers have done very well the past few years recruiting District Six. Larod Stephens-Howling, Scott Corson and Mike Cruz have all come from the Cambria County area. The panthers are in hot pursuit of another player from the region.

Last weekend, Bishop Carroll offensive guard Steve Greene attended the University of Pittsburgh's junior day.

His response to the weekend was the one Pittsburgh officials dreamed of when UPMC was built almost a decade ago.

"The facilities were impressive. Sharing them with the Steelers is pretty nice!"

So Pitt enters into the race for the 6-5, 304-pound lineman.

While it shouldn't be a surprise that a football player from Ebensburg would consider the Panthers, earlier reports stated he had fallen in love with Notre Dame after attending a camp there last summer and he was a Penn State fan.

But these reports may have been exaggerated.

"I'm not really ‘in love' with Notre Dame. It's beautiful, but it's nine hours away," Greene said.

The trip came about when Bishop Carroll volunteer assistant Freddie McCabe, a big Irish fan, took several of the Huskies to the camp.

The majority of mail Greene has received has come from Maryland, Boston College, Illinois, and Pitt.

Going 3-9 in 2007 didn't boost the Irish in Greene's eyes, either, though he says "the prestige at Notre Dame is unreal."

And while Greene is a Penn State fan, he admits the first college football game he ever attended was in Heinz Field.

If any school has caught Greene's eye it would seem to be Maryland. Greene plans on attending Penn State's junior day in April and is going to make an unofficial visit to Boston College and Connecticut with head coach Craig Sponsky in the coming weeks, but he would also like to go to College Park.

"If Maryland sends an invite I'd like to go," Greene said.

Greene, who is naturally right-handed, began the 2007 season at left guard before moving to right guard. He also saw some action at nose guard, where he estimates he recorded 14 tackles playing part-time. Which is something he doesn't plan on doing in college.

"The biggest thing [on where I go] is if I can play. I don't want to be just another number. I'll go away, but if I can I'd like to stay reasonably close to home."

Greene would like to major either in physical therapy or history, as he is a Civil War buff. He plans on taking the SAT for the first time on Saturday.

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