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Hello fellow Panther fans. It's time to fire up The Guru Grill. This is where Panther fans come to get the answers to their questions regarding University of Pittsburgh athletics and recruiting from Recruiting Analyst Bob Lichtenfels.


TheMckillopsRule:  How many players do you think will transfer or get a medical redshirt at this point?


GURU: Most of Pitt's injured all had a redshirt to use, so they wouldn't waste trying for a medical. I'm not even sure you can get a medical if you still have a regular redshirt. Transfers really won't be known until after spring practice.


themasterghoul:  What are the strengths and weaknesses of Tom Savage?


GURU: In a camp setting he looks like an NFL quarterback. He can make all the throws. He has good velocity and excellent touch. In pads, during the games we have seen he has been different. I'm not sure we have seen him finish a full game, so for me the jury is still out. He really seems to have injury problems.


CrackofNoon:  Is the Karabin kid a viable option at center?


GURU: For the scout team probably. With Robb Houser in the fold and the move of John Bachman there, I personally don't see it.


jells73:  Do you think Pitt will try and take a QB in this class?


GURU: I really think they will. Greg Cross and Bill Stull won't be around much longer. That leaves you with Kevan Smith, Pat Bostick and Tino Sunseri. If Cross plays which we all expect it would likely be in a platoon scenario with Bostick or Stull. If Bostick plays he is a sophomore with only two years left. That also shows you that the chances of Smith playing again are slim so you would be looking at a Bostick and Sunseri package in two years. I think you have to take at least one in every class just in case.


CaptainH: Any thoughts of offering DJ Barney as a WR or another position instead of QB?


GURU: I spoke to Deonte Flemings the other day. He was moved to QB when Barney was injured. He said they fully expect Barney to be the QB this season, so it is my guess that most schools will take a wait and see approach on him, until this season. Unless, he just blows someone away at a camp. At our Akron 7 on 7 Barney looked very natural at WR, but i get the feeling he wants nothing to do with that move.


themasterghoul:  Can you compare Tom Savage to Pat Bostick (high school player)? Are they similiar?


GURU: In terms of intangibles and toughness it's Bostick by a mile. At this point, Savage has better mechanics and a stronger arm. The Pat Bostick we saw this past season was not the Bostick we saw in high school. He looked like a typical true freshman  last year and I think there were probably some unfair expectations placed on him. Fans thought he would light it up and as we saw nationally, that is not easy for a true freshman to do. I think people are underestimating him right now.



"In Your Grill" question of the week


kbrody:  What news do you hear about the injured masses? Who has progressed well from injury and who needs considerable more rehab?


GURU: I haven't really heard anything negative on any of them. My guess is that anyone who had surgery will likely be out for the spring at least as far as anything requiring contact. The goal is now to get through spring without anymore injuries.



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