One on One with Travon Woodall

As the University of Pittsburgh prepares for another grueling season in the Big East conference, a group of fresh faces waits in the shadows ready to begin their college careers and make their mark. gets to know one of those players as we go "One On One" with Travon Woodall.

The goes one on one with Pittsburgh basketball commitment Travon Woodall.

When do you plan on arriving on the Pitt campus?

June 21st


What are you most excited about as you begin your college career?

The opportunity to play in a big-time atmosphere, the chance to excel as

a student, I'm ready to make my mark.


Describe yourself as a basketball player?

I'm hard-nosed, I'm a hard -nosed defender, I play hard 24-7 and I'm improving

as a shooter and scorer.


Where are you playing this summer?

There's a few leagues in New York that I might play in, but I'm not really

sure where all I'm playing yet.


Do you think you will get early playing time?

I'm going into it not expecting anything.  I will play if I work for it.


What number are you going to wear?



Are you going to try and convince any of your high school teammates to

come to Pitt to play with you?

I talk to Dominic Cheeks all the time.  He has a lot to look at because he

has so many offers but I believe Pitt is in his top five.  I've known him for a long time.

I always tell him you got to come to Pitt, we played together in high school and

we could win a national championship together in college.


Who is your favorite music artist?



What is something that people might be suprised to know about you?

My favorite movie is The Five Heartbeats


How do you want Pitt fans to remember you years from now?

As a player who just gave his all.  I went out there and played and never

held anything back.

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