Legacy Scott Covert Gets Pitt Offer

Scott Covert, youngest son of former Pitt two-time All-American Jimbo Covert, received a written scholarship off from the Panthers this week and hopes to make a commitment in a week or so.

The younger Covert, a 6-foot-3, 240-pound defensive lineman from Lake Forest, IL High School in suburban Chicago, went on a whirlwind tour through five camps in a week's time -- including one at Pittsburgh. And the Panthers came through with the only offer ahead of Colorado, Indiana, Northern Illinois and Iowa.

"It's really cool to get an offer from my dad's school,'' Scott Covert said. "I got a lot of interest in the beginning from Pitt, and Iowa was the last school in visited. I think they're interested as well, but since Pitt was the first offer they'll always be first in line with me. That's just how I am.

"But I'm going to wait a little bit longer just to see what else is out there, and I'm going to talk to my dad a little bit more. But I really want to commit within a week or two, and I definitely want to do it before the season. The thing is, I just finished up my camp tour, so I'm still taking it all in.''

Scott Covert played defensive tackle during his junior season at Lake Forest, but he's more likely a defensive end candidate at the collegiate level. He has worked very hard in the weight room and with conditioning to get to this point and should continue to improve.

"My dad has given me great advice about football from the beginning, so I'm glad I get to talk with him during the recruiting process,'' Scott said. "I've worked very hard for this, and all that whining when I didn't want to go to the weight room ... it looks like that has all paid off for me.''

Jimbo Covert was as proud as any father would be about his son's worth ethic and accomplishments, but added that he hasn't pushed him in any direction as far as choosing a college is concerned.

"Scott's doing very well for himself, and he's one of the biggest kids on his high school team,'' Jimbo Covert added. "He's kind of a tweener, and they have him playing defensive tackle. I think his more natural positions are defensive end or linebacker, but he's pretty quick and a smart kid, and I think he'll do well.''

Even though Jimbo wanted his son to make his own decision, Scott grew up hearing a lot about Pitt and quickly became a fan.

"It would be great to play football at Pitt,'' Scott Covert said. "My dad has a lot of good things to say about Pitt, but it's not like he's pushing to go one place over another. It'll be my choice, but I'm sure he'd like it if I went to Pitt.

"And what's not to like about Pitt. All the great facilities, a great tradition. I wouldn't mind being part of that, like my dad was, so we'll see what happens. I'll wait a little while longer and then make a decision.''

And certainly if no other offers are forthcoming, Scott should continue his family's legacy at Pitt.

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