Is Dickerson Finally At Home At TE?

After two years and four position switches, as junior Dorin Dickerson finally found a home at tight end for the Pitt football team?

That's the question on everybody's mind associated with the University of Pittsburgh, including first and foremost, Dorin Dickerson.

"I feel real comfortable at tight end,'' Dickerson said, as Pitt gets ready to open training camp practices Tuesday morning. "I've played four positions, but this feels good to me. I know I've said that before, but this is it. I know it's probably my last move, at least I hope it is, so we'll see what happens. I still have a lot of learning to do, but I feel real good right now at tight end.

"And I learned a lot about playing tight end this past spring. I got a lot of reps with Tyler Tkach, because Nate and Pelusi weren't out there, and that really helped me get settled in. I watched a lot of film and worked a lot on my technique and everything. So, I'm ready to have a big season.''

Pitt coach Dave Wannstedt is equally as confident as Dickerson.

"Wherever we lined Dorin up, he gave phenomenal effort,'' Wannstedt said. "It was never a question about him trying to be the best he could be. I think we may have fallen into something with the tight end position. It fits his physical stature very well. He's a good enough blocker, and he can run against linebackers as opposed to defensive backs.

"He had an excellent spring, where we recognized him as one of the two most improved (offensive) players. Now he joins up with Nate Byham and John Pelusi, where there should be an excellent battle for playing time. I expect him to have an excellent year. He has enough talent to be a difference maker.''

Byham (knee) and Pelusi (shoulder) were rehabilitating injuries during spring practice, so Dickerson isn't a lock for playing time. Although it would appear that it would behoove offensive coordinator Matt Cavanaugh to get him the ball.

"We've got a lot of good tight ends now,'' Dickerson said. "It should be a fun time. Nate gained about 10 pounds, and Pelusi looks real good. We have a lot of talent at the tight end position, a lot of talent on offense all together, so there's a lot of options for our quarterback to go to this year.

"And we all bring something different to the table. "I guess I'm more of an athletic tight end. Pelusi, he's a big guy and a great blocker. And Nate, he's big as well, and he has a little bit of both abilities. He's a good blocker and a good athlete, so we really have all bases covered at tight end.

"I don't know how many balls I'll get my way, but hopefully I'll get some,'' Dickerson added. "The other guys all want their fair share, too, but we'll see what happens. Like I've said before, there's going to be a lot of choices on offense for our quarterback. That's the biggest thing this year.''

Dickerson noted that he has developed a good relationship with starting quarterback Bill Stull on and off the field, and possibly that could help his production for Pitt's offense.

"It's real nice having Bill Stull back,'' Dickerson said. "We have a real close relationship, and I'm looking forward to working with him in this offense. We're all excited about this first game, with all the injured guys we're getting back, so this is a new beginning for everyone.''

And that's certainly the case with Dickerson once again this season.

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