Injury Update: Cameron Saddler

Pittsburgh Panther fans were anxiously awaiting the debut of former Gateway star Cameron Saddler this season. Now it appears they may have to wait a while to see one of the most profilific returners in Pennsylvania history. has the latest.

Earlier in the week senior writer Dale Grdnic had mentioned that Cameron Saddler appeared to injure his knee during a special teams drill.

"It was a freak accident really," Grdnic said. "He bent down to pick up a ball on the turf field and his cleats stuck. He turned to pull them out and it popped. It was the strangest thing."

Late last night we got a report from multiple sources close to Saddler including his former high school coach Terry Smith that Saddler's MRI revealed a probable torn ACL. We suspect that Coach Dave Wannstedt will announce the official report after Thursday's practice sessions.

Saddler was expected to see some time in what would have been his true freshmen season for the Panthers. We don't want to speculate on the injury or rehab time, but generally with surgery and rehab most ACL injuries take anywhere from six to twelve months to heal properly.

Saddler has continued to be his normal upbeat self despite the set back.

"I spoke to him briefly yesterday and he was his normal, jovial self," Grdnic stated. "He'll be back in full force." will have more on this story as it becomes available.

After this story was published Dale Grdnic learned more.

**EJ Borghetti, Pitt's associate AD for media relations, confirmed that Saddler's left ACL is torn and he will need reconstructive surgery. Typically, Borghetti added, those injuries are season-ending.

Saddler told Panther Digest that the surgery will be Friday, and he will begin rehab as soon as possible after that.**

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