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Hello, Pitt football fans. On this cold fall day, it seemed like a good idea to fire up The Guru Grill.

This is where Panthers fans go to get the answers to questions about University of Pittsburgh athletics and primarily recruiting from Recruiting Analyst Bob Lichtenfels. Bob will answer the recruiting questions, and Senior Writer Dale Grdnic will handle questions about this year's Pitt football team.

Ganymede: Bob, who's the best Sr. QB you've see in PA this year? C.J. Brown impressed me the most. I was told by a guy who coaches in his conference that Pitt didn't recruit him. That's hard to understand. The reasons were that we have enough QBs right now. Also, we'll take 2 next year. Well, who knows what next year will bring? Sometimes a player is too good to pass up.

Guru: C.J. probably is the best that I saw, but his mechanics scare a lot of coaches. They're similar to the ones Pat Bostick had, and he hasn't really worked them out just yet. So, I don't think the Pitt staff wants to take another kid like that again. Sure, he did well at the Combines and Passing Camps and he's had a heckuva season. But those mechanical glitches outweigh any upside. But Pitt has taken a good look at him, several looks, and I believe it was C.J.'s mechanics that kept them from getting a Pitt offer. Also, Stull has another year. Bostick and Smith will have two years left, Cross one and Tino Sunseri will have four years of eligibility. And they are very high on him. Also, they are high on Paul Jones and some others. And Pitt will take two QBs in 2010.

mattbva24: I heard a rumor awhile back that Michigan transfer Taylor Hill would end up at Pitt. Any idea if this has, could, or will happen?

Guru: Pitt and Kent State are the latest schools I heard, but I don't know if RichRod would release him to go to Pitt. You never know, but I don't think so. And I have not heard anything else on that. If they don't release him, he has to sit out for a year and pay his own way. The same thing that Pitt did to Flacco several years ago. Hill was looking at Pitt, but I don't have an update there.

JaronBrownMythManLegend: How has the progress of Josh Marks been thus far?

Dale: He's on Pitt's scout team now, and I've seen him walking around the practice facility a few times. It's tough to say that there's a change in his body type after just a couple months. When the team assembles again in the spring, we'll have a better idea how hard he worked and how he looks.

JaronBrownMythManLegend: Duron Harmon (Rutgers), Jordan Hall (Ohio State) or Corey Brown (Ohio State), who has the best chance to be at PITT next year?

Guru: Jordan Hall probably is the only one who will look around, but I don't believe he thinks that Pitt is big enough for him. And I'm not sure if Pitt is the best offense for him. I don't think Ohio State is, either. He's better in a more wide-open, spread-type offense. The other guys, Harmon and Brown, are pretty solid commitments right now. With Cameron hanging spending time with Brown, you never know until signing day. With Harmon, I think Bryan Bossard might still be hurt the way that all played out, with Harmon not even calling to tell him he committed to Rutgers. If that gets patched up, who knows? But Pitt is pretty happy with the kids they have now, and there's a kid like Daryl Robinson out there who's a better defensive back who should be considered.

hf512j4: What is the latest on Pitt's recruitment and their chances with the following: Dan Mason, Jamil and Jamal Merrell, Daryl Robinson, Khalil Wilkes, Isaac Holmes and Bernardo Nunez?

Guru: Mason wants to announce at an all-star game, if he makes it. He's held to that from the outset. It's not that he won't end up at Pitt. I still think he's pick Pitt, but he wants to wait. I think Pitt still has a good shot with the Merrell twins, especially since they offered both kids, and they want to go to school together. I've never heard a bad word about Daryl since I've known him since the ninth grade. He was at Temple, had some academic issues and transferred to a JC in California. I know he's pretty high on Pitt, but I'm not sure how this current staff feels about him. Wilkes pretty much is a lock to Stanford, I believe. His father wants him to go to Pitt, but he has strong academics and if he can get into Stanford he'll probably go there. Holmes and Nunez, if Pitt gets them in for a visit -- which they should -- then, they'll have a good chance. It won't happen until after the football season when they can spend more time with them.

JaronBrownMythManLegend: What's the latest scoop on Paul Jones?

Guru: I think it's still between Pitt and Penn State, but his mom wants him to go to Penn State. I think there's an opportunity for him at both places.

w0lfinator: How highly ranked do you expect this Boisture kid to get? (QB Joe Boisture from Michigan) We haven't been know to offer kids this early from an area that we never recruit. His tape looks really impressive, and he'd be a great fit here. His tape looked like Joe Flacco now. He is very big and deceptively quick and has a good arm, especially on the run. Are some of the big boys gonna jump on him soon or is he an under the radar guy? Finally, I know it is early but do you know if Pitt has a realistic shot at all if the OSUs come calling?

Guru: He's under the radar right now, because this is just his first season. After this season is over, and he gets out to come Combines and Camps more people will see him. And it will be easier to rate him. It's tough to do right now and difficult to say how high he'll go. He appears to have the physical tools to be a good prospect, but we haven't seen all the kids to see where he fits in. He's definitely a solid quarterback and should at least be a three-star kid. As one of the early teams to offer him, I think he'll give Pitt a good look, but other than that I don't know for sure. The Panthers like him a lot, though.

pacoach: I watched a Montour game a few weeks ago, and they had a kid (No. 75) named George Beerhalter, I believe. Supposedly he is getting looks from teams like N.C. State and Duke. Any interest on Pitt's part? He is a 2010 guy.

Guru: I really haven't seen him or heard anything about him. Like I said, we haven't seen all the 2010 guys yet, but we're getting there. (He's listed at 6-4, 245 on the Montour roster.)

jells73: How is the kid from Hampton, Jordan Paskorz? Do you think he has a shot at a scholarship or do you think he is destined for Notre Dame?

Guru: I don't think he'll go to Notre Dame, because he wants to get away from his shadow. He likes Pitt and wants to stay close to home. Pitt hasn't offered him yet, but once he gets to the Combines and Camps he could get one. He looked pretty good last year there as a sophomore.

jells73: If you had to guess on the last remaining scholarships for this year who would you pick?

Guru: I think Danny Mason, the Merrell twins and maybe a couple more Florida kids. I still think with the way things are going, Pitt could have some people to pick from. If they go to a good bowl game, things could brighten considerably.

Reno9: Any update on Malcolm Bush since he's reopened his recruitment?

Guru: Pitt is interested some in Bush, but I haven't heard anything about where he wants to go.

Reno9: Has Pitt offered Daryl Robinson? What are the chances he's in a Panthers uniform next year?

Guru: I don't know if there's a chance or not. I think Temple bad-mouthed him a little bit, saying he has off-field issues, but I've known the kid since the ninth grade and have never heard a bad word about him. I think Pitt should bring him in for a look, but we'll see. They believe if they finish strong this season on the field they'll finish strong in recruiting, too, and that's probably the case. Right now, they have the momentum, and they hope it continues. Also, Pitt has a lot more depth at DB than they initially believed they had with Reed and Tags and Holley looking better than they thought at this early stage.

warriordan: Any new names from the state of Florida on our recruiting scene?

Guru: There might be a couple new guys out there, but the main ones we've been hearing about are RB Greg Pratt from Naples, LB Brandin Hawthorne from Pahokee and LBs Shane Gordon and Austin Gamble from Cypress Bay.

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