Scott McKillop's Pro Day

Scott McKillop might not have done much in terms of on-field work recently at Pitt's Pro Day, but the 6-foot-1, 244-pound middle linebacker probably still improved his status with the NFL scouts in attendance.

After performing so well at the NFL Combine last month, with top-five performances in five of seven testing events, Scott McKillop decided to skip those and only do football-related work at the Pro Day. And that didn't appear to set him back at all.

"All I did was position drills, and I think I did real well,'' McKillop said. "A lot of the teams wanted to see how well I move in space, and I believe I answered a lot of those questions they had by playing quick and showing that I am athletic.

"But I still have no idea exactly where I'll go in the draft or which team will take me. Maybe things will get clearer in the next couple weeks, though, because there's still some time before (the NFL Draft) April 25 and 26. So, all I can do is keep working hard and hope for the best.''

McKillop returned to Pittsburgh after training in California prior to the Combine and for Pro Day. While he certainly was glad to be home, it was a great experience for McKillop to get away for his workouts.

"It was good to go somewhere that had no distractions, where I didn't know anybody,'' McKillop said. "I was able to work real hard to prepare, and I think I did real well at the NFL Combine and Pitt's Pro Day.

"As far as my agent is concerned (Brian Murphy from Athletes First), I think he's done a great job. Everything he promised me, he's lived up to that. ... I've talked to a few teams, but none more than another, you know. And a team can tell you they want to pick you in a certain spot, but you never know.

"Anything can happen when they're on the clock. But what I've heard the most is that I could go in the third or fourth round, but nobody really knows for sure. Whatever happens, I just want a chance. That's all. I want to get in somebody's camp and get a chance to prove that I belong. All I need is a chance.''

There's no doubt that McKillop will get that opportunity in the next two months.

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