Prescott Gets His Kicks

The Uniontown, Pa. Red Raiders haven't been the most successful scholastic football program in the WPIAL in recent years, but Aaron Prescott certainly has benefitted from that as much as possible.

Aaron Prescott, you see, is Uniontown's punter. And every time he trudged onto the field when his team didn't move the sticks, Prescott pounded the ball.

At 6-feet, 204 pounds, Prescott is big enough to play tight end and outside linebacker for the Red Raiders, which he also does, but his chance to further his football career will be from kicking it. And after the performance he had at a recent Pittsburgh specialist camp, Prescott improved his prospects.

"I feel really good about my performance,'' Prescott said. "I feel really happy right now. It was really exciting for me. There were a lot of coaches here, and I just wanted to show them what I'm all about.

"I also learned a lot, too, mostly ball control. I learned how to catch the ball and hold the ball properly before my release. That way, I can get a tighter spiral on my kicks. That's very important, and I picked those things up pretty quick.''

Prescott went to several other kicking camps over the summer, and if he hit the ball the way he did at Pitt he could get a scholarship offer. The Panthers are more likely to ask him to walk on next year and earn it. In any event, Prescott's strong leg certainly hasn't gone unnoticed.

All the coaches at Pitt's camp, including Dave Wannstedt, were most attentive when Prescott took his turn to punt.

"They told me I was one of the most consistent punters here, kicking for distance and hang time, so that was good to hear,'' Prescott said.

Prescott won the punting award at the event, after consecutive boots for 50-plus yards knocked out any remaining competition.

"I'm so happy to get this award,'' Prescott said. "Hopefully, it leads to big things for me in the future.''

And as long as Prescott keeps punting for Uniontown, he should get plenty of opportunities to showcase his talents.

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