Dixon Not Contacted By Oregon

Oregon University reportedly will offer an unprecedented amount of money to someone to coach its men's basketball program, but if the Ducks are interested in Pitt's Jamie Dixon they haven't contacted him yet.

According to Pittsburgh athletic director Steve Pederson, Oregon has not asked for permission to speak with Dixon. Pederson added that Dixon has not expressed any interest in the job, either.

"Jamie and I talk, like I do with Dave (Wannstedt), almost every day,'' Pederson said. "And we talked for a long time this morning. And every time we talk, we talk about the program and where we're going and the future of this program.

"And when you have coaches who have been successful, like our coaches have been, people are going to talk about them and suggest that they would be good candidates. But I happen to think that they're good candidates for this job, too, and they've proven that over and over again.''

Dixon, who just completed his seventh year as the Panthers' head coach and 11th in the program, has never commented publicly when asked about various open coaching positions. He spoke on a local radio station recently, 93.7 The Fan, and certainly didn't deny anything, either.

"We just don't talk about other jobs or other people's searches,'' Dixon said. "We don't do it for me or our coaches. We just don't do it.''

Dixon was asked point blank if he was going to be the Pitt coach next season, and he wouldn't say anything about that, either.

"Even the Pitt search I won't comment on,'' Dixon said. "Everybody talks about the coach that leaves, but most often the coach gets fired.''

Even the ridiculous assertion by Dixon that it doesn't help to deny something or even say specifically that he will return to the Panthers should not be taken to mean anything. This is how the guy talks. Pederson, however, had one final comment on the topic.

"I guess that I would say this about Jamie,'' Pederson said. "For 11 years, I don't know anybody who has been more loyal or has worked harder or put more of his heart and soul into the University of Pittsburgh than Jamie Dixon has.

"So, every time something like this comes up, I would let their actions speak for them. And his actions have certainly and consistently been a great Pitt guy.''

And that leads one to believe that Dixon will remain at Pitt for at least the near future.

Oregon apparently will offer its open job to Minnesota's Tubby Smith, but there likely will be more jobs that Dixon is asked about.

And the answers likely will be the same.

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