Pitt-Iowa Football

For those who noticed that Iowa's football games were altered a bit on Pitt's upcoming schedules, Panthers athletic director Steve Pederson cleared it up.

Pittsburgh visits Iowa Sept. 17, 2011 and now has games against the Hawkeyes scheduled for Sept. 20, 2014 at Heinz Field and Sept. 19, 2015 in Iowa City.

The 2014 game previously was scheduled for 2016, but now it's closer in time.

"I can't tell you (the exact) years, but the only thing that you might have seen on our Pitt Web site is that we had an oddball situation where we played them,'' Pederson said. "We didn't play them, and then we played them again. So, we sandwiched them together to get a home-and-home.

"And, then, we could get another home-and-home in there (with another school). We were trying to schedule other games, and we had just one open season before Iowa came up again. So, we asked them to change that, and they were very cooperative.''

Pitt played host to Iowa Sept. 20, 2008, and won 21-20 at Heinz Field. The return engagement for the home-and-home series is in 2011.

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