Green adds two more offers

If Desimon Green has learned anything from his whole recruiting process, it's a pattern. Every time he feels inclined to name a top three, a new offer comes in and shakes things up. His latest offers now come from Big Ten territory.

"It's crazy," Green said. "I had a top three, and it was Pitt, Texas Tech and West Virginia. Now, Michigan State, they come out of nowhere, and I could see myself going there. Every time I get close on a top three, another school comes in. Maybe I can wait (to make a decision)."

Michigan State may have shifted his top three a little bit, but the good news for Pitt and Texas Tech fans is that they are still part of the top three. Both Michigan State and Illinois were at his school last week. Almost the next day, both schools sent Green official offers.

"I haven't been (to Michigan State or Illinois)," Green added. "Michigan State, they came on really strong. They said I can play three positions, as an athlete. I like that part."

Green plays quarterback at Clairton, but it's at defensive end--because of his frame and unique blend of speed and strength for his 6-5, 225-pound frame--that he's getting the most interest. Michigan State threw a new position at him, that he never imagined himself playing.

"They told me they're only going to take one tight end, and that could be me," Green said. "I was shocked. I was really shocked, but I'm an athlete, so I know I can do it. In the same sense, I do want to play. The sooner I can play, I'll play anywhere."

Green hesitates in naming another top three, but knows now he is even more set on taking official visits. In fact, he's tentatively set dates for official visits that won't happen until the fall, even into December.

"I'll start settling down on a top three, then another school comes out of nowhere, and blows me away," Green said. "I should just sit this one out.

"I couldn't limit myself to not taking official visits. Committing, I just couldn't do that. It's foolish. You got to take at least two of them. I'm going to go and take an official to Texas Tech on Labor Day weekend. I'm going to take an official to Pitt in December, probably around that area, November or December."

When it comes to Pitt, Green feels that he's been to the hometown school enough that he's seen what he needs to see. However, he will be back one more time this summer. Pitt's most recent commits from Clairton--Manny Williams of the 2008 class and Kevin Weatherspoon of the 2010 class, made their verbal commits to Pitt around a Pitt camp.

"We're going to a passing camp at Pitt," Green said. "I've been to Pitt so much. I know I'm going to take an official, but no more unofficials. I always hear from them. They contact me through e-mail. I'm always hearing from Pitt and Texas Tech (through e-mail)."

Green also added--short of naming a new top three, that he senses the same thing happening again in his recruitment, and that is new schools joining the mix. Michigan and Rutgers are the newest ones.

"Rutgers has told me probably by the weekend, I should be getting an offer," Green added. "They have given me a verbal offer, but I don't count it. Once I get the papers, I'll count it."

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