New offers, trips on the horizon for Alston

Erial (NJ) Timber Creek Regional OLB Quinton Alston has over 20 offers, and that number could soon grow. Whether it does or not, Alston is open to new offers, and at the same time looking to retrack some of the schools that have already offered him.

"The ones that might be close, I've heard from South Carolina and Michigan State," Alston said. "Those are just two that come to mind. I just got an e-mail from Clemson, saying they were going to keep an eye on me, and also Akron."

Overall, Alston has offers from all six of the BCS conferences. Though the possibility exists he could play anywhere in the country, Alston says a conference's reputation or schedule won't have much of a factor in his decision.

"It's not one particular conference where I feel most comfortable," Alston said. "I'm looking for football and academics, that's what I want wherever I go, where I feel the most comfortable. Academics and good football, that‘s the school I like. As far as conferences go, it's something I'm looking into a little bit."

Alston is just a few weeks away from the start of his summer, but already is planning a few unofficial visits to some of the schools that have offered him. One of those unofficial visits will be Pittsburgh, where he seems to have established a great relationship with first-year linebackers coach Bernard Clark.

"He's a very cool guy, he reminds me of my uncle," Alston said. "Watching him with my dad, is like watching my dad and my uncle (talk) all the time. He's a very Christian guy, and that's what I come from. I keep making contact with Coach Wise and Coach Wannstedt. I'm very comfortable there."

In addition to his relationship with Clark, Pitt seems to fit the bill with academics and football that he is looking for.

"They have great academics and football, and a coaching staff with a lot of experience," Alston added. "I've been talking with some of the other guys who are getting recruited by Pittsburgh too--those are the guys I'm going to be playing with the next few years."

Alston has also been impressed with Pitt's fan base.

"They don't have a big school population, but they have a fan base," Alston said. "That's a lot of support. There's good football there. That's a big, exciting thing.

"The campus is not very big. When I took the tour, it didn't take that long. Everything was right where I need it. It's not just spread out, and you're not just a number. I'm going back up most likely in June. I'm not sure of the date, but hopefully I'll get to meet some of the players and the coaching staff."

Alston will take a separate trip to what sounds like a mini tour of the Big 10, with stops at Iowa, Minnesota, Purdue and Indiana as possibilities.

"I'm not sure yet, I have to balance it out with football at our school," Alston said, referring to his summer conditioning. "I'm taking trips, but as far as going on a big road trip, the trips will be spread out over some time--maybe two in one week, two the next weekend. I didn't want it to be one big road trip. You don't want to get tired because traveling wears on you sometime. You have to enjoy the opportunity."

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