Caputo names a top four

Imperial (PA) West Allegheny's Michael Caputo is already one of the heaviest recruited athletes of the 2010 recruiting class. Caputo has picked up a few more offers, and has now listed a top four.

"I think top four, right now, are Wisconsin, Ohio State, Pitt, Penn State, and that's not in any particular order," Michael Caputo said.

Offers from Wisconsin, Michigan, Michigan State and Purdue are all fairly recent, as are offers from Cincinnati and Boston College.

One of the biggest factors for Caputo, in at least selecting this top four, is strength and conditioning programs. Wisconsin is one of his more recent offers, but already, Caputo has liked what he has seen from the Big Ten school.

"I really like the strength and conditioning program," Caputo said. "I'm not really the biggest guy, but that's really something that's going to be a factor for me, whatever school I pick. I definitely need to get bigger. I could gain a little more muscle, maybe get around 205-210 for my senior year."

Caputo says he's up to 6-2, 200 pounds, and that he'd like to gain another five or ten pounds of muscle for his senior season.

His first offer came from Pitt. He has been down to Pitt for a spring practice, will be back for an unofficial visit later this summer. He will also compete at Pitt's 7-on-7 passing camp at the end of June.

"I was down at Pitt, and I talked to (Bob) Junko, (Greg) Gattuso and (Dave) Wannstedt," Caputo said. "Some of the guys, like Dorin (Dickerson) and Ty Palko. Pitt's another good school. I plan to visit them in the summertime. I plan to visit all these schools again."

In addition to playing at Pitt, both Dickerson and Palko were heavily recruited athletes out of West Allegheny. They haven't put a lot of pressure on Caputo to go to Pitt, as much as they have just given their own advice from their own recruiting experience.

"They're more about where I'd fit in best," Caputo said. "That's what they had to do. They just said, (the recruiting process) is blown up more than it really is; just take it day by day. That's basically what they told me. That's what I'm doing."

He also got an up close look at Buddy Morris' strength program.

"It's all the same stuff we do here," Caputo said. "It's the same stuff they do at Ohio State and Wisconsin. It's good stuff. It's that workout ethic that I like. It's going to be hard, because they're a good school too."

Caputo also had the chance to get to Ohio State and Penn State this spring

"Whenever I went out (to Ohio State), I really liked it," Caputo said. " I went to a practice, saw a practice. I talked to their strength and conditioning coach. I liked it. It's like an ideal college. The (student) living situation is good. It's another good school, like all the other ones.

"(Penn State's) campus is awesome. All the guys are awesome. Penn State is very well known for their football. I was there a week before their spring game, a week or two before."

The schools he is interested in are a little more clear, as are the possible positions he will play in college. Caputo, humbly, is leaning towards playing on the defensive side of the ball. One school has offered him the opportunity to play running back. However, he believes he will end up on defense.

"They want to use me as a strong safety, to outside linebacker, it just depends on how I grow," Caputo said. "Boston College is the only one that wants me as a running back. It doesn't matter. I'm pretty open with any position. I think I'd go farther or do better on defense. I wouldn't really consider me a college running back, or a running back type. It could happen, but I think I can go further on defense."

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