Heter Up To Three Offers, Sets Camp Visits

McKees Rocks (PA) Montour has had a pretty successful run of Division I recruits since Lou Cerro took over the Spartans in 2005. The Spartans recently sent Phil Peckich as a preferred walk-on to Pitt, and now have offensive lineman Austin Heter in the 2011 class.

Austin Heter has already picked up three offers from Maryland, Bowling Green, and over the weekend, Toledo. Heter, who now stands at 6-5, 250 pounds, has set up a pretty busy camp schedule for himself this summer, in hopes of attracting even more offers.

"This summer, I'm going to load up," Heter said. "I've got West Virginia, Pitt. I'm going to Pitt on (June) 18th, West Virginia on (June) 20th. Then, I'm going to Maryland on (June) 23rd. I'll visit Toledo and Bowling Green on the 26th (of June). There's Michigan State on (July) 12th, and I might go to Virginia on July (17th). Northwestern, maybe on July 29th."

When asked of which of these schools might be closest to being that fourth official offer, Heter said there's a few that come to mind.

"My guess would be West Virginia because they invited me to their invite-only camp," Heter added. "Michigan State, maybe. Northwestern saw me at school a few weeks ago. They're supposed to call Coach Lou (Cerro) back this week."

Pitt, Heter feels, could give him an offer at the upcoming prospect camp, as well. The Pitt coaching staff has been pretty open with him about how their recruiting process works, especially when it comes to offering prospects at its June camps.

"(Pitt), they actually came in, in the day, at the very beginning of May when coahces are allowed to come in," Heter said. "They talked to me about where they see me. They want to see me move at the camp. They want to see me in person. That's why they want me to go to the camp, and I understand that.

"Of course, Pitt is a great school. The whole campus is very spread out, that's one thing. If they offered, that would be great."

Montour, as a team, will be back at Pitt for their 7-on-7 passing camp. They will also be at a 16-team passing scrimmage at Gateway, this coming Sunday. Heter, because he is a lineman, won't participate. Still, from the looks of it, he'll have a busy camp schedule of his own.

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