Alston Talks Pitt

There were too many good reasons to choose from, and no reasons not to choose Pitt for Quinton Alson, Pitt's most recent verbal commit for 2010.

"I'm excited, I'm excited, I can‘t put it into words," Quinton Alston said about committing to the Panthers. "I'm overly ecstatic. I want to go out and hit somebody right now. I want to play West Virginia, Rutgers, Cincinnati, Syracuse. I'm ready to go out and play.

"It's just a great school. They're well respected. Everybody I talked to (since committing), they're here to congratulate me, and nobody said anything negative (about Pitt)."

Initially, Alston had no timetable in selecting a school, and he had no perfect image in mind, of what he wanted his college to be. He settled on Pitt for many reasons.

"Where do I start," Alston said, when asked what Everything, everything from the city, to the coaching staff," Alston said. "There's a comfort level there, the academics. I'd love to learn from (linebackers) coach (Bernard) Clark. He's a great guy, with a great personality. From the older linebackers, I think I can learn something from them.

"I couldn't really say anything negative about Pitt. I'm saying I'm excited, but more importantly, I'm committed to doing something."

Alston has made it known how much he liked Clark, but his chief recruiter in all this was offensive line coach Tony Wise. Wise and Jeff Hafley split the state of New Jersey geographically. Timber Creek fell under Wise's area. After the initial contact with Wise, Alston quickly became comfortable with the whole staff.

"I can't even describe them," Alston said. "I know they're not going to be like that during the season, but they'll be like (the coaches) from the school I came from. I'm used to that. They are coaches you can be around, but when it's time to go to work, and it's business, it's nothing personal. Coach Wise, Coach Bennett, Coach Clark, Coach Junko, I'm cool with all of them. We're family now. I didn't just commit because of great football."

Alston comes to Pitt as an outside linebacker, but can play in the middle if need be. He'll go wherever the coaches tell him.

"I'm here to learn, I don't care what position it is," Alston said. "I'm here to hit somebody, to play unselfishly, that's what I do. Whatever Coach Wannstedt calls, whatever Coach Wannstedt decides. I'm here to play football, and do what a student-athlete is supposed to do."

Having his college decision out of the way was not the ultimate factor for Alston. When following up the added benefits of deciding on a school now, you get an even better glimpse at his character.

"I wanted to get out of the way, focus on the season," Alston said. "We have a big freshman class, and I want to help coach them out, focus more on the team. Getting back to the championship and winning it, that‘s not why I chose (early). To me, I was thinking, why should I have my parents go out to these schools and spend their time, when I know where I wanted to go. At the same time I knew where I wanted to be. This is the place I wanted to be. There was no reason to say no."

Up next for Alston, recruiting future teammates on his way to winning championships--something he feels are to go hand in hand when he sets foot on campus.

"Of course," Alston said, when asked if he was looking forward to helping recruit future teammates. "I‘m trying to win the national championship, not just the Big East. I want to have someone starting next to me that can contribute. There‘s a couple good guys that have Pitt offers I wouldn‘t mind seeing. I'm not naming names, though."

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