2012 LB On The Spot

For the first weekend of Pitt's prospect camps, there were a good number of prospects from the class of 2012. One local prospect that came in to compete was McKees Rocks (PA) Sto-Rox LB Deaysean Rippy.

It was the second year in a row Deaysean Rippy made the Pitt camp. He worked out at the Penn State Nike Football Training Camp back in May. As a freshman, he worked out at Pitt prospect camp last summer. He said that in the experience the second time around, things came a little easier to him.

"As you play more, you learn more," Rippy said. "I definitely learned a lot at the Pitt camp. I told one of my teammates, I never did the drills I did with Coach Clark. A lot of people say I have good footwork. I have to keep working on my foot work, getting my feet down pact."

Though he was only at camp for one day, Rippy feels there's all sorts of ways a player can get better. The biggest thing for him, was learning from linebackers coach Bernard Clark. He established a comfort level with all the Pitt coaches, through the experience.

"Coach Clark, he's a cool person," Rippy said. "It was the first time he came. After the camp, he asked me, ‘How do you think you did?' He said the one thing, was that ‘you‘re real coachable.' That‘s a good thing for most coaches. I made sure I was the first one in drills. I learned coaches like that."

Things are expected to heat up for Rippy over the next couple of months. He won't be able to receive any official offers from schools until September 1, but already, he does like to follow the recruiting scene online, and enjoys reading what others have to say about him.

"Linebackers are in the best position on defense," Rippy said. "I read blogs, and stuff. Most people think I'm an average linebacker. I'm able to hit. I love playing linebacker. I also play wide receiver. I'll play wherever you want me to play, offense or defense."

He finished his sophomore season with 77 tackles, seven sacks, and also had 11 tackles in his team's playoff game last season. Though he can't receive any official offers yet, Rippy has an early top three.

"Pitt's a place where home is, I'm comfortable with Pitt," Rippy said. "Pitt's one of my top three. It's Pitt, Ohio State and Florida. That's the best thing, being comfortable, and I have that with Pitt. Florida, you have players that are way faster, and everything else."

In addition to those three, Rippy said his coaches have been contacted by Pitt, Penn State, West Virginia, Maryland, Syracuse, Ohio State and Florida. Rippy will be back at Pitt at the end of the month with the rest of his team, for Pitt's 7-on-7 passing camp.

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