Familiarity Draws Receiver To Pitt Camp

Kalamazoo (MI) Central wide receiver David Perkins is still a few months from picking up his first official offer, but he's on a relentless tear through several camps this summer. Pitt was one of his first stops, because of a little familiarity.

Pitt is enters its seventh season removed from the days of Larry Fitzgerald, and its fourth season removed from having Darrelle Revis as one of its starting cornerbacks. That doesn't mean the days of benefiting from both players are over. Both players are arguably the best player at their respective position in the NFL.

One of the benefits is when a player like David Perkins associate Pitt with a player like a Fitzgerald, and chooses to travel all the way from Kalamazoo, Michigan to Pittsburgh for a one-day camp--a 379-mile trek, to be exact.

"I had (Pitt) on my list (of schools to camp at)," Perkins said. "I really try to model myself after (Fitzgerald). There's a few aspects of my game, people compare me to him. I'm hoping to be the next great wide receiver after him. That would be a thing to be proud of."

Perkins has camps scheduled at Illinois, Ohio State, Cincinnati and Bowling Green. He's also looking at in-state schools such as Michigan and Michigan State.

While the lure of Pitt being Fitzgerald's alma mater was a draw to camp at Pitt, that's part of what the college coaches hope prospects associate Pitt with. Prospects then come to campus, and from there, it‘s up to the coaches to show them why it‘s a good idea to be on campus, whether it be for camp, or for some other type of unofficial visit. One such example is the way first-year receivers coach Scott Turner worked with Perkins.

"As the day went on, I felt I got better," Perkins added. "Coach (Turner) showed me a technique, how to do a better job getting in and out of my breaks. Him showing me that, really helped me. He said they were interested in me, and that he wants me to get down to a few Pitt games. I have them on the list."

Through the rest of the camp, the 6-2, 200-pound Perkins kept himself at the front of the line through the receiver drills. It was a combination of him feeling comfortable with what he was doing, and him feeling the sense to be a leader, even in a one-day prospect camp.

"It was me participating, and my willingness to be a leader," Perkins added. "I thought it went well, pretty smooth for the most part. It was my first (prospect camp). The whole feel of a (prospect camp) atmosphere, I felt I could have done more than I had the opportunity to show, but I feel I did very well for most part."

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