Pro Am League - Pitt recap

Tracking how the current members of the Pitt basketball team are faring this summer.

Pro-Am League June 21, 2010
5-of-10 from the field
2-of-2 three-point range
1-of-2 free throws
13 points, 4 assists, 3 rebounds

Travon Woodall looks a little more fluid in his motion, and although he can make that inside look every now and then, it's either a home run kind of a pass or nothing at all. Woodall is also much improved in his shooting. He looks like a more confident player overall, and the same can be said for several of his teammates.

6-of-24 from the field
2-of-9 from three-point range
2-of-6 free throws
16 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists

Gilbert Brown had an off night. It's interesting, because with him playing in this summer league, you kind of learn how much of a system Jamie Dixon has in place. He forced anything, and was desperate to shoot from anywhere. I can't blame him too much for that, because this is the time of year to work on your shot, but he took many three-point shots where it was just as easy for him to make the extra pass. I'm a big fan of Gilbert Brown because of his athleticism...I just wish he wasn't such a streaky player.

8-of-11 from the field
3-of-5 free throws
19 points, 11 rebounds

With Taylor, it's just a confidence thing. He looks way more assertive. He was attacking the hole, grabbing rebounds with power, attacking the glass...all those things come from confidence. A couple times, he came out of a scrum with a rebound off the glass, standing alone. Then, there were other times where he'd catch a pass, and dunk in the same motion, with authority. He had all these raw abilities coming out of high school. That's why everyone wanted him so badly. Now he's got the confidence to go with it. Two summers ago, this league had the star power with Levance Fields, DeJuan Blair and Sam Young putting on a show almost every night. Taylor's performance Monday night resembled those days.

6-of-13 from the field
3-of-6 three-point range
2-of-4 free throws
17 points, four rebounds, four assists

Gibbs has the ball-handling skills of a point guard, but other than making good adjacent passes, isn't really your feed in the middle kind of guy that Levance Fields was. Gibbs looks like a player that wants to take that shot when it's all on the line--and he did, giving his team the win tonight with a game-winning three-pointer. That much is good.

4-of-6 from the field
2-of-4 from three-point range
10 points, rebound, assist

Double-digits from the former team manager, now turned walk-on is nice to see. 2-of-4 three-point shooting isn't bad either.

5-of-9 from the field
1-of-3 from three-point range
4-of-8 free throws
15 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists

If Pitt had more of a need at guard last year, Lamar Patterson would have played as a true freshman. I really thought he was going to be in the mix last year, but because of numbers at the guard positions, it didn't work out. Lamar is a shooter. That's what he does best. He can attack the basket as well, but when his team needed a clutch shot tonight, he was the guy they went to. He too is playing with more confidence, and I think he will be able to help this team out at the two or three.

5-of-10 from the field
2-of-3 from three-point range
4-of-7 free throws
16 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists

Wanamaker assumed the role of floor general on Monday night. He played a little bit of the point guard position, but was mostly counted on to hit a couple big threes, and attack the basket. If there's one thing this Pitt team could use, is something not afraid to go to the hole. Since they're lacking a true point guard right now, they at least have some slashers, led by Wanamaker. If anything, Wanamaker has gelled into becoming that team leader. That much was evident Monday night.

5-of-13 from the field
0-of-1 from three-point range
1-of-3 free throws
11 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists

Nasir Robinson was impressive in the way he stayed under the rim almost all night, battling for offensive and defensive boards--a lot of them offensive. At first, you could tell he wanted to shoot more--not so much the three-pointers, but the short-range jumpers. He did a lot of the dirty work under the basket, that was reminiscent of Jaron Brown. Robinson needs to push for time, possibly to start, at that four spot. This whole four position, it's really interesting to see what Jamie Dixon is going to do. Either throw someone who can be a firecracker in a bottle like Dante Taylor was tonight, or put someone who will stay in there and keep posession every time like Nasir Robinson did. Chances are, we'll see both of them.'s June 22, and the first exhibition game isn't even for another five months. The great thing about the summer league is that it shows us what our options are.

5-of-11 from the field
1-of-3 free throws
11 points, 7 rebounds

Zanna is smooth. He needs fine tuned a little bit, but he came up big on the rebounds, has a nice outside jumper, and was handling the ball well when he needed to. He might make a nice three--not sure about this year, but definitely for the future. I'm not sure he can bang and be physical like a Big East four, yet, but also a three. Zanna is not going to be a minutes guy, that will just play defense. His offensive skills are improved from a year ago, and though he might contribute some spot time this coming season, at the pace he's improving, he should be a nice two-way player before too long. There have been some big men that have played for Dixon that have logged a lot of minutes, but not contributed much in the way of scoring, or just maybe weren't that consistent. Zanna will not be one of those players.

5-of-9 from the field
1-of-5 free throws
12 points, 11 rebounds

Gary McGhee looks about the same as where he was when we left off. He was forcing a lot of shots inside tonight, but at the same time, that's what you're supposed to be doing in a league like this--work on those inside rolls, or maybe try out a new move. He still looks light years ahead of where he was a year, and even two years ago. His physical stature gives Pitt enough of an inside presence.

7-of-10 from the field
0-of-1 from three-point range
1-of-2 free throws
15 points, 5 rebounds

Richardson looks ready to go. Much like Zanna, I believe he can play at either the three or the four. His shooting percentage from Monday night will tell you that much. The only difference between him and Zanna right now is the shooting percentage. I think both are capable rebounders--not dominant ones yet, and not ones that you want at the four position for 30 minutes a game, but maybe 15-20 minutes a game. Richardson's development is at a good pace.

9-of-11 from the field
1-of-2 from three-point range
1-of-2 free throws
20 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists

If there was anything that was more welcome, it was the debut of Cameron Wright and J.J. Moore. Wright, to me, can be a point guard, a two-guard or a three. He attacks everything. he played a little bit of the point in the second half of his game, and he was always looking to pass first--looking for the easy inside dish. He looked more comfortable than Gibbs or Woodall did on Monday night. He can shoot, but most impressively, is the way he attacks the basket. He goes hard, and he either scores or draws the foul. Right away, he was the leading scorer of all players on Monday night.

4-of-7 from the field
2-of-2 from three-point range
3-of-3 free throws
13 points, 2 rebounds, 1 assist

Moore, I need to look at him some more, but I'd say his future is at the two-guard. He plays tough defense. Moore and Wright were matched up against each other a lot of the night. Moore made pretty smart decisions when he was out there--good shot selection. For a freshman that is eager to come in an play right away, for him to make such good decisions without trying to ballhog or just put up desperation shots, really says something about his maturity.

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