Whitmire A Big Part Of Passing Camp

One of the more impressive athletes at Pitt's 7-on-7 passing camp was Alexandria (VA) T.C. Williams offensive tackle Jay Whitmire. Whitmire, who says he's up to 6-6, 285, was not there to just snap the ball or provide moral support for his team, who made it all the way to the championship game in its respective bracket. Whitmire was there to contribute to the offense as a receiver.

It's part of the reason Whitmire has accumulated offers from Maryland, Virginia, Penn State, North Carolina and Pitt. He has impressive size for a tackle, but he is one of the more athletic ones you will find. He's also a standout for the Titans' basketball team and the lacrosse team. Whitmire plays midfield for the lacrosse team--a position that requires him to run up and down both sides of the field, playing offense and defense.

"Just playing, doing this type of thing (passing camp), playing lacrosse, playing basketball, all these things are great to help you run and help you become a great athlete," Whitmire said.

Whitmire was constantly the favorite target of the T.C. Williams passing attack during the camp. He was especially valuable in goal-line situations, catching short-route passes in traffic. Still, he is being recruited as an offensive lineman. Size is obvious, but his contributions to a passing camp such as this, as a receiver, show off the kind of athlete he is, and the footwork he must have.

It was the third time for Whitmire to see the Pitt campus. His first time was last summer at the 7-on-7 camp. He also made it up for a spring practice. This time around, he got a little more of the campus tour.

"This visit, we came up, Friday, and our whole team got the tour of the Cathedral of Learning, and just that part of campus over there," Whitmire added. "Then, I went off with (receivers) coach (Scott) Turner, and went out and checked out the academic facility."

The academic presentation, as well as the life skills presentation, has gone over well with a lot of the players that Pitt has offered so far this recruiting season. Add Whitmire to the list.

"Their life skills program, it was pretty impressive," Whitmire said. "The academics part, and life skills, those guys seem like they can really help you out. Most of them were student-athletes at Pitt. They can kind of relate. It seemed like a really cool place."

The Cathedral of Learning also seems like a cool place to a lot of recruits, when given the campus tour.

"That Cathedral of Learning, that was pretty awesome," Whitmire added. "We just walked around the first floor. We went through the (nationality) rooms. There's a lot of them. One of them was open. Most of them, we had to look through the peep hole."

Though he's got an impressive list of offers, Whitmire is nowhere close to putting out a top five or claiming a favorite. As far as a timetable, he says it will be awhile, but his recruitment might not go all the way to signing day.

"I don't know if I'm going to go (to signing day), but I don't know exactly when (he'll make a decision," Whitmire said.

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