Pitt Offer Comes Through For Gibson

Coming to Pittsburgh's prospect camp a couple weeks ago with a few of his teammates from Lakewood (OH) St. Edward, Deonte Gibson was just excited to be at his first camp of the summer. After the camp, he had new reasons to be excited.

The plan for Deonte Gibson was just to get out and get some exposure. Because of putting his focus on just playing football, Gibson was able to impress the Pitt coaches enough, that a few days after the camp, they extended an official offer.

"After the camp, I got a call from Coach Walker," Gibson said. "He told me they liked the way I adjusted to the play. They liked the way I move, how I looked. They extended me the offer. They're definitely one of the schools I was hoping to get an offer from. I didn't want to go in (to the camp) thinking I'd get an offer."

As a junior, Gibson registered 63 tackles, 12 sacks and three forced fumbles. He was a first-team all-district selection, and third-team all-state. Part of the reason of coming to a prospect camp is to get looked at by coaches, but to also pick up something new. Gibson felt he did that as well.

"They basically showed me a couple new moves, and some new techniques," Gibson said. "I picked up the footwork things they were showing. I don't think I'm at where I need to be, but I got a lot better."

The camp overall left him with a good impression of Pitt.

"Yes, the thing about Pitt, is that it was one of the first camps I visited," Gibson said. "Since it was the first camp I ever did, I kind of didn't know what to expect. I liked it a lot. I see myself in that program, as well. Coach Gattuso reminds me of my coach. Coach Walker, he made it sound like they never thought of me too highly or too low. Coach Wannstedt is a cool coach. I met him, I talked to him during the camps, in between breaks."

He liked it enough, that Gibson is hoping to get back to Pitt for an unofficial visit later this summer.

"I'm trying to figure out when, sometime this month," Gibson said. "I'll go with my mom to see what the school has (academic-wise). It's hard to stay away from committing. I know I see myself playing there eventually, but I want to see everywhere else too."

In fact, Gibson felt at home, because he felt Pittsburgh reminds him a little of his hometown of Cleveland.

"That's as good a visit as I've had," Gibson said. "I know a lot of people won't believe me, but it's almost like being in Cleveland. It's almost like being at the same field."

As far as some of the other schools Gibson would like to get back to, he's got a few visits planned.

"I'm looking at a day to go to Cincinnati and Michigan State in the summer," Gibson said. "Stanford will probably be an official visit, early Septmeber some time. I want to wait, take as much time as possible to make a decision. Stanford has a shot, a great shot. I want to see what it‘s like before I make a decision."

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