Smith Goes Out For Camps

Garrett Smith, a 2012 reciever out of Osbourn Park in Manassas, Virginia, is one to keep an eye on. Smith recently camped at Pittsburgh and Penn State. Prior to that, he was at Wake Forest, Virginia and Alabama.

After those first two camps at Wake Forest and Virginia, Garrett Smith made the trek up to Pittsburgh for its one-day camp. Smith got a lot out of the one-day camp, picking things up from receivers coach Scott Turner. He is a current teammate of four-star prospect Dominique Terrell, who will be throwing him the ball this year. Terrell has offers from all over the country, including one from Pitt.

"I thought I felt prepared for it," Smith said. "There was a lot of competition there. I got some real good stuff out of it."

Turner tweaked one part of Smith's technique. Smith was impressed that he could pick up something new like that in one day.

"(Turner) worked with my stance," Smith said. "Now, I have a more balanced stance. I can roll out faster. He helped me on my routes, and now they're more perfect. When the pass goes up, I have more details to work on."

Other than the camp part of it, Smith was impressed by the surroundings at Pitt's South Side complex.

"I loved the facilities," Smith said. "There's a chance (for an unofficial visit in the fall). It depends on my schedule for football. If I'm not too overwhelmed, there's most likely a chance."

As far as how it compared to the other camps he was at?

"I went out to Virginia and Wake Forest camp before Pitt," Smith said. "After Pitt, I went to Penn State. They're all pretty much the same (camps). The only difference was at Virginia, they were playing music (during the camp). It was upbeat and lively. I ended up learning something from each one."

Smith is also a basketball standout at Osbourn Park, and a member of the track team as well. This past spring, he ran a 49.09 in the 400-meter run.

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