Pro Am League : Game Seven

Travon Woodall came up with 17 points, seven rebounds and seven assists in his game on Wednesday night.

Center Court 66
SPK 61

The first game of the evening featured a duel between Pitt's Ashton Gibbs and Brad Wanamaker. In the end, Gibbs led Center Court to a 66-61 victory over backcourt teammate Wanamaker.

The game started out very slowly as it took both teams a while to find their stride. In the first half, Gibbs shot well under 50% from the field before ending with another strong second half and improving his team's record to 6-1. Gibbs finished with a line of 5-of-24 from the field for 17 points. He also converted 4-of-4 foul shots for his team down the stretch.

Also for Center Court, Gannon's Kyle Goldcamp continued his rebounding prowess, pulling down 12 rebounds. J.J. Richardson also contributed nice post moves and finished with nine points and 14 rebounds.

SPK Law featured a couple of debuts tonight. Lance Jeter formerly of Beaver Falls, and now playing for Nebraska, had a solid evening, contributing 16 points--most of which came from penetration. Vaughn Morgan, a former Pittsburgh Perry standout, played in his first game of the summer league, but couldn't quite get in the groove.

Brad Wanamaker and his brother Brian finished for a combined 27 points and both wreaked havoc on the boards. Brad had seven rebounds while Brian had eight. Twelve of Brad's 14 points came in the second half, which featured the matchup between him and Gibbs. J.J. Moore started off slow, but came back in the second half, finishing with 14 points, seven rebounds on 4-of-8 shooting in the second half.

P&W 80

Game Two saw some fireworks early as Dante Taylor started off the game with a quick rebound, and a slam. After Taylor's tip slam, however, the first half did not feature much drama.

One player did stand out in the first half and that was Cory Diethorn from Assumption College. In the first half Diethorn had 14 points and 9 rebounds. Freshman Mike Talley of Duquesne made a nice backcourt pairing with Pitt's Travon Woodall. Talley had a great first half finishing up with 13 points. Woodall managed only three assists and had three turnovers in the first half, but came back.

The second half featured some much better play from both sides as Taylor continued to show improvement by playing very physical inside. He finished the game with 16 points and 11 rebounds. Taylor's strong second half can be contributed to the assertiveness that Woodall played with in the second half--a big step up from his five turnover performance on Monday night. Woodall finished with a line of 17 points, seven rebounds, and seven assists.

The second half also featured a myriad of great penetration moves by Duquesne freshman Mike Talley, 23 points, who when teamed up with fellow freshman TJ McConnell at Duquesne could have an outstanding backcourt.

On the other end P&W had an eight minute scoring scoring starting at the 10:30 mark of the second half. The second half featured a couple nice drives by backup guard Nick Rivers who finished with eight points. P&W was led by Chaz McCremmin's 27 points. Diethorn, who had the unenviable task of matching up with Pitt's Taylor, still finished with 21 points and 14 rebounds.

PGT 73
The Lair 67

The first half of the finale Wednesday was highlighted by two monstrous alley-oop finishes by Gilbert Brown. The Lair's TJ McConnell delivered the second alley-oop to Brown and continued his strong play going against backcourt mate Eric Evans.

The first half saw PGT continuously enter the ball into their post man Gary McGhee who had a tough first half finishing around the basket.

The Lair's trio of Talib Zanna, Gilbert Brown and TJ McConnell was not as effective Wednesday, as it has been this summer. Zanna did not play. Brown got hurt early in the second half going up for a lay-up, when he was fouled by Pitt teammate Gary McGhee. It devastated The Lair, having to play without Brown, the leading scorer of the league. His absence also caused match-up problems defensively.

The 5-1 Lair could not match up with Gary McGhee inside the second half as he started to assert himself on the glass, finishing with some thunderous dunks. McGhee led PGT to an upset victory over the Lair and finished with 14 points and 13 rebounds.

The second half could also be labeled the Lamar Patterson show. Teaming up with Pitt teammate McGhee, Patterson finished with a very impressive 26 points, eight rebound performance.

PGT had very stellar play from Pitt freshman Cameron Wright. Wright had the difficult task of trying to slow down McConnell, but still managed to create for himself and his teammates on offense. Wright displayed his superior cross-over dribble leading him to 10 points.

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